A Bit of Bio

Son of James

I found out in Sophomore English Comp that I loved to write. Why did it take so many years for me to actively practice the craft, other than the occasional (and sometimes embarrassing, as I look back) missive to the local newspaper editor? Life happens, seems to continually accelerate, and clutters up.

You may not experience the fuzziness of prioritization as I do.  IMG_1102

So why do I write? We all have a worldview, self-consciously sorted out or not. We all carry a set of presuppositions. What are yours? Are they well-examined? Mine call for deeper examination and refining. They need to be less private.

What is the basis of what we call “worldview”? I believe it’s worship. What do we see as ultimate? Who or what is God (god)? Where is the highest authority? This issue explains and reveals much about culture.

I hope the commentaries and cultural observations here will help you examine your own presuppositions and see more clearly the world in which we live.

I invite your responses. Because I don’t know it all.

Who am I? I am a follower of the Son of God. That’s Jesus, of Nazareth. Do you know Him? There is no one like Him. Write me if you have questions about Him. You may as well know that He is the core of my life and thus affects my “worldview” deeply.

Not a church system. Not a tradition. Jesus, the Messiah.

The opinions here are my own, and may not necessarily reflect the thoughts of my employers or my fellowship of believers. Please don’t blame me on anyone else!

I have a great heritage and legacy, and hope to leave at least a decent one.


-Ken Rosentrater, Son of James

PS: Here’s a hint about the circle graphics on the home page: hover over them briefly to see the title of the article.

4 thoughts on “A Bit of Bio

  1. This is a great layout Ken and even greater words! Way to keep it hip :). Glad you’re voice is out here – your faith is contagious as always.


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