Are You Still Playing Carols? – Fifth Day of Christmas

December 29, 2018 (Updated, first published Dec 2015)


Is Christmas 2018 a distant memory?

Are you still playing carols? Have you already grown tired of this series on the 12 Days of Christmas?

Have you thought about why you look forward to Christmas and why you celebrate it?  Maybe thinking of it more as a present reality and less as a long-ago event will help us incorporate the Incarnation into our lives.

2000 years ago, Jesus was five days old on the Fifth Day of Christmas.

He was still fresh and brand-new in the eyes and the experience of Mary and Joseph and their relatives. Put yourself in that scene. There’s still a lot of celebration going on. The little child is still being introduced to people for the first time.

Joseph and Mary are still befuddled with amazement and wonder. They have questions about the future and how this will play out. Imagine their wide-eyed awareness and engagement in life.

What if they could fast-forward 2000 years and drop into our culture’s celebration of the Incarnation – the birth of their Son? What would their thoughts and feelings be? Would they be horrified? Puzzled and confused? I suspect they would be asking questions, trying to discern just what the point of this modern holiday is.

The fifth day of Christmas is remembering St Thomas Becket – he was the Archbishop of Canterbury in the 12th Century and was killed on December 29, 1170, for challenging the King’s authority over the church.

On this Fifth Day of Christmas my desire for the future is less focus on the trivial and sentimental things with which we have nearly buried it.

I want wonder and worship to characterize the season.


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