Most People Missed the Good News: Third Day of Christmas

December 27, 2018 (First Published December 2015)


Photo by Waiting for the Word

Mary and Joseph were just another couple with a newborn baby.





Blending in.


Bethlehem residents did not know the importance of the Child. There had not been a big PR campaign with a national advertising blitz, so that’s understandable.

He came quietly. He came in a small way. The circumstances weren’t entirely normal, so that probably raised eyebrows.

But now, they are fresh parents, adjusting to new life reality like any other young couple.

At least that’s how it looked, superficially.

I don’t think I have an explanation for why God made so little of this event. It might be because only humble people – those not consumed with self-importance (like, for example, bottom-of-the-food chain shepherds?) – can receive such big news anyway. It may be that most folks were so busy with the trivia, the daily grind, and complying with government demands, they would not take the time to hear and understand such an announcement.

A few days after the birth of Jesus, a couple of elderly people, probably considered insignificant and unnoticeable by the crowds around them, showed they were fully aware of the import of the arrival of this little Child. They made a point of interacting with Him and His parents, leaving them wondering and scratching their heads about the words Simeon and Anna spoke about Jesus.

That’s what’s on my mind on the Third Day of Christmas: in general people miss the most important things going on around them.

But a few are in tune.

God give us discernment. Help us decelerate and pay attention.


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