Unfaithful Allegiance

November 25, 2018

Isaiah talks about people who swear by the name of Yahweh (Jehovah God) and say they fear the God of Israel, but do not do so in truth and righteousness.

“Listen to this, house of Jacob—
those who are called by the name Israel
and have descended from Judah,
who swear by the name of Yahweh
and declare the God of Israel,
but not in truth or righteousness.

Isaiah 48:1

Do you know people like that? Have you been like that?

How is it possible to swear by the Lord God Almighty, claiming His name, and do so unfaithfully? How sobering this is to contemplate. It’s possible to be “religious”, say the right things, look good, “worship“, and yet receive the disapproval of God. Were you aware of this?

This is a place in which I never want to be found. When a person is in that place it’s a state of supreme deception. Such a person probably does not know his true condition.


How do we avoid it? How do we keep from sliding into false religion?

How about starting here: why don’t we just dump religion altogether? What is religion but a human attempt—a weak, feeble human attempt—to reach up to the transcendent? To God Himself?

What a useless practice.

How do we avoid endless religious fumbling? By submitting to the Almighty, which is done by accepting the gift of the Messiah provided by His death and resurrection. By realizing we can never do anything to qualify as good. Otherwise, we do not have the credentials to enter the heavenly places.


Conger Design, Pixabay

It takes humility, of which I have written many times in this space. It takes a recognition of who is strong and who is not. It takes a daily submission, attitude of gratitude, and seeking out the wisdom of God.

Do you know God? Or do you just know something about Him? Only you can answer that for yourself!

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