I’m an Anarchist; I Can Do What I Want


There is more talk these days about disruption, distraction, attacks on people and property, antifa, and anarchy, than most of us want to hear. I have watched videos where interviewers ask some of these people what they are protesting, or what their purpose is. Most of them stumble around with generalities and slogans.

I encountered this article the other day. A guy was kicking campaign signs. This lady, a state representative tried to stop him. She said “you can’t do this!“ He said “Yes, I can. I am an anarchist! I can do whatever I want!”

Her attempts didn’t work out so well. He charged at her and said “Go kill yourself“. Human civility in action.

She got back in her car, noticing him walking toward a gas station. She drove there and got a picture of him charging her again as he tried to stop her from leaving, after she had taken another picture of him.

I have read enough about anarchist philosophies to know there are more layers to it than his statement. But there are enough people who evidently think and believe like he does to make them a menace to civilization and human flourishing. And I don’t just pop that word “menace” flippantly.

The meaning of the word anarchy is “no rulers“, rather than “no rules“. When you think about it, though, there is not a wide gap in meaning. And many go right to “no rules”.

I am certainly a proponent of limited government as the Founders were. Humankind does not handle high amounts of power very well. I believe the best form of government is self-government. That is: a person who lives with integrity, humility, self-discipline, and a strong understanding of right and wrong. Most of importantly, such a person is completely surrendered to the crown rights of Jesus The Messiah.

God gave something over 600 laws to his people. After He came to this earth and addressed the universal problem of the sinful, selfish human heart, some of those laws were abrogated, and others better applied to heart matters.

The problem with anarchy is that humans are not pure enough in heart to live without rules and rulers. The law was given to restrain sin. So were authorities. Government is meant to be God‘s servant for the good of the people.

Gods entire law is fully explained and fulfilled by two commands.

  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

These two commands, carried out, fulfill the law of God. Our problem is, most people have not surrendered their wills to the authority of Almighty God.

The more that is the case, the more is the need for rules and rulers. And self-centered, proud people who become rulers, see to it that rules are multiplied. This is because, having rejected God’s requirements, a vacuum needs to be filled, and they will fill it in 1000 different ways.

To repeat, the best government is self government, by a radical transformation of the human heart. In fact God has said to those people who have surrendered all their rights to him, He will write His law on their very heart. Therefore they don’t have to keep some checklist of good behavior. They do it because the desire is planted deep within them and they almost cannot not do it, as long as they remain humbly submitted to the Almighty Authority of the universe.

The anarchist actually is evidencing a desire for the kind of government God says is best. But he tries to do so outside the realm of God. That person sees the need of a different way of doing things than what we have. But that person does not have the answers.

Everyone will have a ruler. There’s no way around it. He might be ruled by his own selfish, addictive desires. He might be ruled by wrong philosophies. He might be ruled by his glands. But he will have a ruler.

As far as the man cited in the article above, he evidently believes that since he has stated he’s an anarchist, taking that identity so to speak, he can do whatever he wants. Evidently it also means he can steal, hurt people, break things, or whatever else comes to his angry, fevered, little brain.


Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

If anarchy is the way to go—no rules—or no rulers, then let’s change some things.

  • No court rooms
  • No policeman
  • No prisons
  • No locks
  • No restraints on behavior
  • No traffic lights
  • No stop signs
  • No speed limitations
  • No special protection for children
  • No rules in multiple housing communities about noise at 3 AM
  • No bosses
  • No fences

Really, if everyone gets to do whatever they want, we’re going to have to remove any barrier that might prevent it.

Some of you say, “Not all anarchists believe this way. They just want more human cooperation, consensus, building a life that flourishes,” without the admittedly far too coercive government poking its nose in.

I can understand much of that feeling. The problem is, the various anarchist movements under-estimate or don’t even take into consideration the depravity of the human heart apart from full surrender to Almighty God. Anarchist movements and attempts at utopia share much of the same philosophies and goals. That is, build a new society which has not yet been realized.

Without dealing with the sin of the human heart this is impossible as has been shown in history many times.

Hundreds of videos exist out there showing mobs of people swinging bats and sticks, jumping on people, kicking people, breaking things, setting fire to things. Oh, wonderful anarchy. What does it accomplish, apart from giving you a venue to scream your face off with juvenile profane tirades? Do you feel better later?


Photo by renan lopes on Unsplash

I strongly suspect that the person who says “I can do whatever I want“, will not necessarily think that you can do whatever you want. He and his temporary comrades want to see life happen in a certain way and if you disagree, get out of the way or get run over.

Sounds like a rule to me.

Rules and rulers are unavoidable. There is wisdom in choosing to follow the right ones.

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