Censorship Changes


Stephan XP, Wikimedia Commons

September 2, 2018

Censorship has always been present.

This historical timeline of censorship is incomplete and brief, but fascinating. Censorship is part of the human condition.

There was a time when censorship, in our history, while probably overdone, was meant to help our hearts and minds turn to things good and right, even godly. People who do not want the populace exposed to such decry means to keep hearts and minds oriented to truth and goodness. A saving factor in this though is that truth overcomes in the end.

As progressive thinking expands, we have censorship more profound and pervasive. Only now, it is to promote narratives that coax (or bludgeon) the human heart and mind toward evil, divisiveness, self-centeredness, and “correct” political philosophies. People are not allowed to even say things, let alone publish them.

Whereas earlier censorship, though misguided in cases, was often meant to urge thought toward the ways of God, now censorship is meant to harden hearts and minds away from any thought of God – in particular the Messiah, Jesus. Humanism rules in such minds.

Censorship seems to me to be proliferating as pervasive, hard-nosed, legalistic, and harsh. This by folks who call for tolerance and diversity. Progressive politics leads to multiplication of harsh, oppressive laws, because people must be forced to align with the contemporary vision, which often is contrary to human flourishing.

Never mind liberty. Just get in line and be quiet. The experts are in charge.

There is a better way: civil discussion and attentive hearing. Personal insults don’t accomplish good. Debate the ideas, not how ugly or stupid your opponent is.

Related to this, here is an extensive article on how Progressive ideas can lead to brute force.

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