Stayin’ Alive

July 27, 2018

Lately in conversation with healthcare professionals, the phrase “putting off the end of life” has become more common.

Sounds serious doesn’t it?

And I guess it is. But think about this with me.


I eat every day. Three times. I am putting off the end of life. Maybe that is arguable, depending on what I eat for 10 or 15 years. Maybe what I eat puts off the end of life, or hastens it. I know I have made a lot of changes which naturally are geared to putting off the end of life.

I bet you eat every day too.

Every morning I continue my practice of breathing 24 hours. But I don’t have to think about it. I’m sure you do this too. Stop breathing and the end of life shows up real fast. So we are all automatically taking action to put off the end of life.

I watch the highway pretty closely when I drive. Trying to put off the end of life. There are a lot of crazy drivers out there.


Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash

Speaking of highways, I have never set up my desk and office in the middle of a four-lane highway. I’m trying to stay alive.

A lot of people exercise. This is intended to make life better and of course put off the end of life.

People who ride bicycles or motorcycles, the smart ones at least, wear a helmet before setting out. Football players wear full protection. These are all geared to extending life.

So we are all involved in this enterprise. We think we are at least. Nobody is eager to die, but many of our practices and diets would not indicate that’s true.

Everyone is trying, some more successfully than others, to stay alive. Isn’t that important for this earthly existence? To stay alive? God has planted eternity in our hearts, but He has also put in us the means and strong desire to fight death, which is the last enemy.

There is the fight or flight syndrome for example. Another example is the marvelous action the body takes to heal itself.


Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

So in a way, when a doctor soberly tells me that, I think there’s a humorous side to it. I’ve already been doing it for 69 years, in an admittedly flawed way, so he is late on the scene.  (If I had done this perfectly, though, I’d be in excellent health right now.)

On the other hand, they see their late intervention as highly important in accomplishing the goal of putting off the end of life. I guess this needs my attention.

Still, it seems humorous to me.

When the title for this article came to me, immediately I thought of the Bee Gees. I bet that happened to you, too, so I decided to go with it. Please don’t hate me, but I was one of those people who liked the disco sound. And I like their song, “Stayin’ Alive”.

This is not that I thought the lyrics were that great. Hard to understand them at that speed. I like the driving beat, the fast and high harmonious vocals. But the song does indicate the longings of the human heart for something more.

Notice the tune ends with this line repeated many times ”I’m goin’ nowhere, somebody help me, Somebody help me, yeah”

Isn’t the longing of every heart, when life seems to be going nowhere, to have outside help?

In a way, they are expressing the desire for the extension of life. There seems to be a disaster pending, even though they’ve chosen a lifestyle that has lots of promises and glitter.

That song is not the point of this article, but it brings in an aspect to what I’m trying to say. We are all trying to stay alive.

The good news is, for those who follow the Messiah, life will never end. It may change how it looks, but it will never end.

So I’m staying alive. No matter what.

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