A Clinic Like I’ve Never Seen, on the Journey to Health

June 8, 2018

Today’s post is a personal note with observations.

Four days from now, as God wills, we will be heading to Lake Elmo, MN. Some of you know the prostate cancer threat has been pesky and persistent in our lives since mid-2016. Thanks to two hormone blockades, I have stayed in full time work, and until about 4 months ago, had relatively good energy.

Late November last year, my PSA started to rise again. My urologist talked about tumor clones that become resistant to hormone blockades. He recommended a second hormone blockade. He said 95% of his patients do very well with it and PSA goes down to near zero in short order. For those who haven’t heard of these blockades, they do the best to remove man characteristics (I’ll leave it there, to avoid TMI), but supposedly hibernate prostate cancer cells.


Well, let’s try this new thing then.

We started the newer hormone blockade, which, if we were required to pay for it, would cost $9800 every month. Can you imagine?

I got a grant, which I cannot explain. Why would a group of strangers pay for an extravagantly expensive drug for me? I am thankful for the blessing, though.

Two months into the regimen, the fatigue and sleepiness slithered into my life, and has not left the four months since. The doctor said “that’s just part of it”. So everyday I move through molasses, eking out what energy I can apply to what I face.


Marshall, Flickr

Each day has been a push-through-it exercise. Every day. More hours of sleep, including the occasional daytime nap, feel good at the time, but seem to restore little energy.

Recent consultations with my urologist, and the radiologist and oncologist to which he referred me, have demonstrated that conventional medicine’s offerings for me have diminishing returns. I’ve heard talk about “end-of-life” being put off a few months. I am one of the 5% for whom this second hormone blockade regimen fails. PSA shot up dramatically. It’s almost like the treatment triggered it. That’s probably a coincidence, but the treatment did not help.

My comment was “when you look at it, many things we do, like eating and sleeping, are designed to put off the end of life”. They agreed. But their language was “end-of-life”, that hyphenated euphemism for death. And the “solutions” don’t buy much of that time.

Wouldn’t you be looking around for something else, as I have been? I think so.

I cannot even remember how I found Conner’s Clinic in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. I suspect it was a God nudge. (I believe in them. Do you?)

The more I read and see Dr. Conner’s videos, and after talking to him personally, the more the spark of hope has brightened. His approach is unusual, certainly alternative, and down-to-earth humble and honest.

How many physicians have told you directly “I am not the healer; God Almighty heals”? He has some unusual technology, that when you begin to understand, makes more sense than many things I have surveyed the past 10 years. Yes, I have been reading about prostate issues for 10 years, because mine started misbehaving about that long ago.

Here is the first thing that caught my eye on the landing page:

“Cancer is a disease that sick people get; We take sick people and help them get better and sometimes the cancer – goes away.”

No wild promises. No flashing neon.

On the landing page of their website, you read this: Everything we do starts with asking WHY.

That is a good place to begin. Most medical approaches seem to start with symptoms, to try to tamp them down, without strongly searching out and addressing the roots of the disease, at least in my recent experience. I have become a reliable return customer with two siloed agencies (Kidney Clinic, Urology Clinic) that seem to avoid altogether talking to each other about mutual cases.

Please don’t misunderstand. I have become friends with people at these two clinics. I believe they care. I enjoy seeing them. But I see the end of the road with what we are doing, although my kidneys keep chugging along, missing on two cylinders.

(Strong caution: Take care of your kidneys, because once you damage them, they mostly whine around all day and refuse to return to their previous level of work. So babyish.)

Conner’s Clinic has four pillars which guide their practice:

  • Finding the cause
  • Personalized nutrition
  • Light frequency and other technologies
  • Support and detoxification

This is so refreshing. The day for us to walk through their doors can’t come soon enough. The staff has called me numerous times to be sure I am remembering the preparation steps. It’s like I am already part of the family.

The low key, informative, humble approach appeals to the human spirit. I read Dr. Conner’s book last night and this morning to get insight into his heart and mind. I thoroughly am aboard on his worldview and approach to healing. This book gives a different twist than you might expect!

Here is another quote from Dr. Conners:

There is simply no way for any practitioner to guarantee any results for care. We are not healers. God is the healer and our role is to give the best advice that is possible. We would suggest that you steer-clear of clinics that are claiming cures and offering percentage results as it is neither honest nor ethical.

One more quote (the “Rife” is the light frequency generator):

We believe that the Rife has made the difference between life and death for many, many people. However, it is NOT a magic wand and healing is ultimately in God’s hands. The Rife is a tool; used properly, it may help save lives. That being said, we never want anyone to put their faith in the Rife, our clinic, or ANY doctor; we ask that you use us to seek wisdom, make the best decision for you, and place your faith in the One who heals.

This technology will come home with us, for daily use the rest of my life, if desired and needed. Plus I can call in to a weekly video conference with the doctor and other patients the rest of my life, at no further expense.

How often does it happen that you can continue a major treatment at home?

Can you see why I might be excited? I haven’t given up yet on seeing our great grandchildren.

If you are a person who prays, you are welcome to join us in that practice.

I will give you updates as we follow this path. I can’t wait to start. God is in charge of all this, including my health and future. He is the Healer! This is going to be a team effort.

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