When God Stuns You With Kindness


Photo by author

March 15, 2018

Does The Almighty care what car you drive?

Probably not in most cases. Get something that meets your needs and gets you around safely. But is He interested in your personal life and your immediate need?

Yes, He is.

This is a God story. See that car above? New to us, but a 2012, and the nicest car we have ever had. By far.

We usually buy used, so that’s not unusual. We usually pay cash, which is less common.

We have leased new one car and bought two new cars on our journey. We bought a 1976 VW Rabbit, basic model, in 1976. Boy was it fun. It looked just like this:

brown Rabbit


Then, we leased a silver New Beetle in 2001, and it was new.

RosentraterPauls (1)

Author collection

Finally, my wife’s present red Turbo New Beetle, which actually is pretty nice, we bought in 2003:

2013-06-06 19.23.59 (1)

By author

It’s a 20-valve turbo. She lets me drive it once in awhile. It it is fun to see the smile steal over her face as she puts her foot in it. Of course, it’s necessary, for on-ramp acceleration you know.

Other than these three, we’ve always had used. And we have not made payments in a long time, except for a few months on that Red Turbo.

This latest car we have is a direct gift from God.

It is difficult to see it any other way.

It’s the largest, heaviest car we’ve owned since the 1961 blue and white Ford Galaxy I drove my last year of college. It did not take me long to get rid of it when I learned it only produced 10 miles per gallon.

It looked like this, but with a white roof.


The  baby blue 1969 VW beetle which replaced it introduced decades of fun small car driving. It looked exactly like this.

You ask “Why is he writing about cars?”

This column today is actually not about cars. I’ve been a car fan since grade school, and it’s easy for me to discuss, but this is a down to earth illustration of the power of God.

We have been saving for “next time”. During our sojourn in Poulsbo WA, that savings program stopped for awhile. Therefore, the balance was not as high as I’d prefer.

Lately we have been putting more money into our PT cruiser, which had served us for 12 1/2 years. We had discussed that maybe it was time to start looking around. So the last two months that’s what I did, half obsessively. I believe the urge was a nudge from God.

I got a good feel for the market. We had our eyes on a certain vehicle. We looked for a certain sweet spot: not too old, with modest price and modest miles. That might be easy in your place of abode, but it is not easy in Anchorage Alaska.

All this to say, I knew the market. Now here comes the ironic part of the story.

I dropped by a dealer on a Monday afternoon to look at a particular vehicle which was on our list. The Cruiser was driving fine when I pulled up. They appraised my car, let me drive theirs, and in awhile produced a sheet that drove the price above advertised by a few thousand dollar. No thanks. I’ll keep looking.

I got into the Cruiser. I started the engine. I drove away with the engine light flashing, and a decided limp. The motor was missing badly. “What did they do to my car?“

After making it home, I called my regular mechanic. He said, “Have it towed here, do not drive it any further. You could damage the catalytic converter.“

So I called the faithful towman, and he delivered the car. This was on a Monday evening.

My mechanic looked at the car most of the day Tuesday. When he called the news wasn’t spectacular. Due to valve damage, he said a new engine was needed. I guess they don’t put replacement valves in engines with 133,000 miles on them. He said the cost would be more than double the value of the car.

I called my wife and said “We are certainly in the market now”.

30 hours later we had our new car.

This wasn’t because I drove to the dealer, flashed some cash, and casually drove away with brand new wheels. We don’t have those resources.

I had shared with some prayer partners about our impending need. They promised to pray. They did. One of them said they might be able to help.

The next evening this person brought the car by and said “why don’t you look at this“. I did. Very nice. I was thinking, “I probably cannot afford it“.

We talked some more. He showed me a bill of sale. I was stunned. Remember, I had been shopping for two months. I knew the local market.

God used a faithful follower of His to reach out to us with blessing. They sold me a car that’s the best one we’ve ever had, at a price more affordable than we had been able to find.

Why does this feel important for me to write? Because, knowing God and believing in his presence in my life has brought all kinds of joy and blessing. It’s nearly indescribable.

He pours out his love. And many times the way he does it is through the faithful followers of Jesus the Messiah. He changes hearts. He puts love in them. He causes His followers to have such love that they will even go so far as to reduce their own advantage in order to love someone else.

A person can choose to sneer at God and his existence, or believe that there is no such thing. That is a sad thing because the joy of life has passed them by. When we doubt the presence of God, our eyes are clouded over and we miss the clear signs of His work and involvement in our lives.

I give high praise and glory to God the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. And I certainly enjoy this fun to drive, rock solid, all wheel drive vehicle. This is more than an earthly thing. Do you think He cares what we drive? Probably not.

But does He delight to cover us with blessing completely unanticipated?

Yes, He does.

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