Why Am I So Dissatisfied?

January 18, 2018

Today’s article is inspired by a conversation I had recently with a person dear to me. The discussion was about a supervisor that seems mad at the world, including employees in that person’s proximity. This attitude depresses the outlook and mood of the people in the office, as who knows when the next explosion will fire?

In my view, from our discussions, we observe a sad human being. That should elicit compassion for this soul.

Yes, I know. Hard to feel compassion. It has to be intentionally stirred and engaged for people whose behavior pushes them toward the unlovable box.

Why does someone who lives in a dynamic place with a responsible job find life to be brutally, barely endurable? My guess is, from clues, that the heart is in the wrong place.

Say what you will about this culture that seems to value personal feelings and fulfillment (narcissism lived out), my observation is that this person likely lives a lifestyle that’s against God’s way – probably in numerous permutations. When we are off the rails, little works out.


Being consumed by anger wilts everything. This mortal’s happiness depends on circumstances. At least it seems that way. And that’s a destructive way to live.

Continual anger is a distortion of what God really wants for our lives.

The person with whom I had the conversation asked this: “But do you think there is conviction about a lifestyle when one doesn’t know God? I mean if she doesn’t see it as wrong then would it make her unhappy?”

Of course it would. A few people’s consciences are seared and have little conviction about anything. Others are not that far down the tubes yet. But God made us to love Him and live in ways He designed. We are made to worship God and if we don’t we will worship something or someone – often ourselves. And we are made to know there’s a Creator by the things we can observe all around us.

So ignoring God’s ways is always dissatisfying.

If I don’t have any knowledge or conviction that using honey instead of oil in my car engine is a bad thing, then will a bad thing happen? You answer the question.

Living without God leaves a hole in our lives. Pursuing the wrong things is always ultimately unsatisfying no matter what you know. Our tiny little gods leave us wanting more.

Not seeing wrong as wrong is one of Satan‘s big deceptions.

For example: the beautiful highway I’m driving looks great. Winding. Gorgeous fall colors. Nice river down below. Not a sign of opposing traffic. Never mind the unheeded warning signs about the bridge that’s out. I’m having too much fun in my Porsche 911 (a bucket list dream of mine) sailing the curves at speed.

To repeat, many people today seem to have no convictions whatsoever. And yet the general population seems more restless and unhappy than ever. “Do what you will” has unforeseen consequences.

Here is an illustration of this happiness and fulfillment issue.

I do not like the Anchorage climate. My preference would be to turn around the 62 sunny days to only 62 days of clouds.

But at the root of my life there is peace and joy. I would prefer to live in a warmer, sunnier place, yes. But I’m not angry and lashing out at everyone around me.

This is not to my credit at all. It is only because of God and His call on me. If not because of Him I might be the one who’s angry at everyone and everything.

We try to fill the God-hole in our hearts with inventive ways to avoid Him. It never brings the fruit we had hoped.

And the results can splash over everyone near you.


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