Are There Any Fixed Foundations?

The Word is firmlyin your

December 7, 2017

“Forever O Lord, Your Word is firmly fixed in the heavens..” Psalm 119

For some of us that is probably not the best news, but for others  –  great. It sounds like the Word is way out of reach to us. In other words we can’t touch it. For the purposes of changing or adding to it, that is true, so it’s good news for some, but bad news for others.

People want to touch it and change it.

Bad news for them. Can’t do it.

Others want it non-existent.

So, superficially, good news for them. While not ideal (non-existent), it’s in the heavens, supposedly far from us.

Others want to be touched by it.

This is thoroughly possible, and necessary, for a life that flourishes. People who want the Word to touch them look for stability in the chaos. For them it’s good news that it cannot be tampered, but can touch them.

Tools Chaos

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

For us who believe, sometimes even we can join the push to fine-tune it to fit our fetishes.

But there it is – fixed – fixed in the heavens. Firmly fixed. What is a person to do?

  • Ignore it
  • Adjust it
  • Edit it
  • Spiritualize it
  • Ridicule it
  • Amend it
  • Reinterpret it
  • Place grids over it
  • Scientifically scrutinize it
  • Anything but believe and do it (which are the same thing)

I may not like it, but it is forever fixed.

I may want to prove that something in which I am engaged is approved, or at least ignored, by God, so I seek teachers or interpretations that will remove the hook that caught me.

If I do not like the fact that the Word of God is firmly fixed, I will try to find ways to show that it is not fixed after all.

  • It’s a relic
  • Probably has some good poetry, but that’s about it
  • It was written for an agrarian ancient people
  • God thinks differently now, if He is at all
  • Those ideas are out-dated and outmoded

Avoiding or ignoring truth has been in vogue since the early records of human history. This will continue until the end of time, because the fundamental human sin is pride.

  • Was then.
  • Is now.
  • Will be.

I am not saying our understanding is fixed. But everyone who learns (not all do) is learning what God already knows. And what He knows is fixed. That is because there is nothing He does not know.

God does not learn.

Think about it. The One Who has all knowledge and is eternal never experiences surprise. Never does He encounter something about which He was unaware or had not considered previously. So, He does not learn.

We are not like that. Even though some people seem averse to learning anything outside their tiny kingdom, we are meant to learn.

We must. Because there is so little we know. And we can only learn if we humble ourselves.

Has God really said?” Old question. Nothing new today.

He has said. Fixedly so.

Does that make you feel uncomfortable, or secure? Your answer to that question probably communicates much about your relationship with The Almighty.

moral compass is
askew, slippery, greasy
we play it by ear

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