Where Is Eden?


Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

November 8, 2017

Here we go again. I missed another self-imposed weekly publishing deadline. Do what you can to avoid a bladder infection. It will commandeer your life. Laid me out for days. That’s my excuse. It’s a decent one.


On with the current post.

I recently read a fascinating book, The Unseen Realm.  It has connected numerous little black particles for me.

I find myself more encouraged, more excited about the salvation (of all things) that Jesus has provided, and more aware that most of us are missing elements of understanding. We don’t have the Hebrew mind.

When I first started the first few chapters, it was confusing to hold the pieces together. I still cannot say that I have absorbed the book, but as I progressed, things begin to coalesce and connect.

unseen realm

This is now one of the most marked and highlighted books I have read recently. I like one of the statements in the first chapter: “My conscience would not let me ignore my own Bible in order to retain the theology with which I was comfortable.“

He reiterates at the end when he says “let the Bible be what it is“.

Yes indeed. We love to filter it through our grids. Including grids that completely disregard it as irrelevant. Our lives should be filtered through the truth, not the truth filtered to our liking.

The book makes me think “I cannot wait for the future!”

The following quote from the book is germane to current cultural chaos and misperceptions:

“Eden cannot come and survive without Yahweh’s constant presence as had been the case in the original Eden.”

Yahweh is more familiar to modern ears as the hashed-together name Jehovah.

This quote illuminates why attempts at perfect societies always fail. They leave out Jehovah, or maybe worse, prop Him up as an add-on, to obtain blessing on our ostentatiously self-contrived societal schemes. He’s not irrelevant, as people seem to want Him to be, but He also is not a Prop for our politics and sense of respectability.

Men’s efforts at perfect society cannot succeed. Cannot. If we ignore the state of the human heart, we will fail every time.


Photo by phil thep on Unsplash

The Kingdom of God cannot be built with human hands, and that Kingdom is the only one that will last. Human kingdoms can be robust, if Yahweh is at the center. Humans depending on Yahweh will far more likely flourish and succeed.

People all over the land “speak for God”. In the highly intense, marginless milieu of our society, I wonder how many of them have met with the Divine?

We have sundry potential gods – imagined sources of strength and guidance.

  • Technology
  • Knowledge
  • Science
  • Education
  • Political “correctness”
  • Money

We can go for months, look back, and realize we’ve had little contact with the Almighty One. And that’s for the people who believe the Almighty is with us. Yet, we think we are doing so well.

Even having highest, noblest intentions, and purest motives, our works can fumble fruitlessly, if we have not first met with the Divine.

The perfection of Eden came from of its Creator, and because of that Creator’s presence.
Eden has been the dream of mankind ever since. Here is the good news: Eden will be restored.

That’s what the whole cosmic battle between truth and vain philosophies is all about. That is the subject of the battles with principalities and powers.

Take heart. Eden is not lost forever.

To get in on it though, you need connection with the Creator. On His terms!

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