We Love Long Division

October 19, 2017

(No, not that kind.)

You probably noticed I missed last week’s publication date. Life made me a sandwich, but here we are back on track. So, let’s move ahead to this week’s post. Tell me what you think.

What do you suppose I mean by “long division”? Did memories of barely endurable math class sessions rise in your mind? If so, the trauma will pass soon.

No, it’s about the divisions in our culture. Some of them we perpetuate for decades. Maybe longer. They are fertile ground for political rough-riding . Seems like every group under our closest star has its grievance, with political action groups pursuing the prey.


Divide. Conquer. Accuse. Become outraged. Throw blame.

Political leaders love it. Division and fighting cultivates potential votes. Plot one group against another and plunder the ballots. Isn’t that such a lofty goal for those who profess they are in office to serve the people?

If we can provoke
dissension between people
votes will flow to us

There is another citizenry that lives a different way.

See the following quote by Dallas Willard.

“The complete obliteration of social and cultural distinctions as a basis for life under God was clearly understood by Paul as essential to the presence of Jesus in his people. It means nothing less than a new type of humanity…”

“Those who, in Paul’s language, have ‘put on Christ’ make nothing of the distinctions between Jew and Greek, between slave and free, between male and female.”

This understanding comes straight outta the Bible. Making nothing of the distinctions is not being unaware of them. It is simply not making political points out of them. Or points of superiority. Or points of contempt.

In a deep irony, current cultural narrative demands that we attempt to erase embedded, built-in differences, yet concurrently create division between constructed groups so we can yammer on – and on – about the differences and how one group oppresses another. Yet, in this distorted world, biological differences are figments of fevered imagination.

Would-be benefactors have plagued complacent humanity with visions of a “new humanity” during most of history. If only they could just:

  • Tweak this
  • Adjust that
  • Demonize one group
  • Elevate another group
  • Separate out the riff-raff
  • Or more to the need: kill the riff-raff
  • Perfect economics by endless meddling
  • Squelch successful people
  • Increase dependent people

Human elites are so smart, you know. At least the self-chosen ones.

Humanity expresses distinctions in colorful, variegated, beautiful ways. Conformity fights that. Especially pernicious is the dogma that we must all have the same dogma.

“Think like me, everybody.”

In the new type of humanity, which is a return to the original plan for us (before selfishness and sin took charge) we love and appreciate the differences, but do not use them against one another.

Life under God brings a beauty difficult to describe and impossible to experience outside of surrender to the King. And I’m not talking about Elvis.

We all want that kind of life, whether we admit or even recognize it or not.

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