The Calling of the Insignificant

October 5, 2017

Credentials and experience are so important to us.

2 Samuel 7:8

“Now this is what you are to say to My servant David: ‘This is what the Lord of Hosts says: I took you from the pasture and from following the sheep to be ruler over My people Israel.”

A shepherd? A low-life? No education? No manners? Becoming a national ruler?

tending to routine
sights raised, new expectations,
lowly exalted

We want to see qualifications, certifications, degrees, and “proven track records“. We fixate on keywords, SEO, networking, personal brands, and resumes.

I know this. I swam in it in 2011-2012.

David would have not cleared the automatic computerized resume purge.

(Look at the first numbered point in this article!)

Who was more unqualified and more lacking in experience or preparation for the position to which he was assigned than David? Shepherds were considered lower than most of the population.

David tended animals. He wrote poetry. How do those activities prepare one to be head of state? (Although he did kill a lion. And a bear. I think he didn’t have a rifle.)

But still: “Has he ever been a soldier?”

The questions we ask. They reveal our human proclivities, don’t they? We know what constitutes qualifications, after all.

God sees what we do not see. It turns out, the unseen are the more important things. What qualified David to be King of Israel was the character God had developed in his heart, and the very calling of God Himself.

We see unimportant things, for the most part, and elevate them. He sees more deeply. What does God desire in His “employees”? Here are some:

  • Faithfulness
  • Integrity
  • Wholehearted worship
  • Obedience
  • Courage
  • Trust in God’s character
  • Knowledge of and belief in right and wrong
  • Willingness to live for truth (which requires believing there is truth)

I’m not sure He is impressed with our resumes, platforms, social media presence, and LinkedIn networks.

Let me state that more clearly: He is not impressed at all.

There are other, higher things to value. Ponder the list above as a start.

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