Maybe Egypt Will Save Us


September 14, 2017

Somebody Save Us!

Humans tend too readily to hope in political solutions for the perpetual problems of the human heart. It is an abomination to The Almighty for us to put our trust in man. Yet we valiantly hope that someday the right politician will come along to help us fix everything. Or more accurately, to just fix it all for us.

We long for a king. We long for comfort and safety. So people act like kings and promise almost anything for the payment of a vote.

I don’t want to bust balloons here, but political hopes will always be dashed. The reason? Mere human beings cannot solve our problems. Hope as we will, disappointment will always pester its way into being.

hope eludes the shrewd
grandiose failures crumble
fantasy fails us

This has been the story of humanity for millennia. We seem never to learn.

When God was taking the Israelites through the process of deliverance, they would not hang onto that hope for the future. They longed for the former life – truly treacherous and evil for them – but they preferred safety and security to the unknown.

They preferred the rule of man to the rule of God.

When they finally arrived in the land long promised to them, they drifted back to the same thinking. Rather than the rule of God, they wanted a king “like the other nations“.

What drives us to want to be like the others? Fear? Self-focus? Aversion to God?

  • We do not want to be instructed in the way to go.
  • We do not want to be directed what to do.
  • We think men’s ideas are better and longer lasting.


If that line of thinking is not disconnect with reality, then, just as believably, I am a giraffe in a too-short red robe. And pink slippers.

(Sorry for the picture.)

Thus we see history gorged with stories of grand dreams and schemes, vibrant in promise – ghastly in failure.

  • The Soviets
  • Marxism
  • Babylon
  • Ninevah
  • Rome
  • Ancient Greece
  • End Times cults
  • Third Reich
  • Communes

We could go on, since history is full of misguided failure. But this isn’t a book.

Whose idea was government? The Creator’s. There’s no one with better grasp on human need and righteous rule. But mankind always has a better way.

We think.







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