How to Avoid Stagnation


jdurham, Morguefile – License

July 13, 2017

This post relates to the one I published last week.

Are you sinking into stagnation?

When you stay in the same place, see the same things, do the same things, and you slouch on like that day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, things tend to go stale.

Your brain becomes lazy. Your creativity diminishes.

You might live in a beautiful place like I do. But if that is all you see, it becomes less vivid to you. We all know the phenomenon of features surrounding us tending to disappear over time.

When you walk into a building that’s less than pristine, the deficiencies and eyesores are vivid to you. Meanwhile, the occupants (whether a home or business) are nearly oblivious to the decline surrounding them. Or they have given up.

This applies to the other end of the beauty and aesthetic continua too. The more you see the same thing, it gravitates toward invisibility over time.

Changing scenery and geography stimulates your mind, your heart, your eyes, your body, and your creativity. Seeing the same things in a new way, or seeing new things initiates refreshment of spirit and mind.

We are all creative. Remember that.

It’s not just the Special Few. You are a product of the Creator. His image is in you. Embedded in His character is the creative urge. You have His image, which means you have the creative urge. You can invent things – improve things. But there’s less opportunity for that if you stay always with the familiar and comfortable.

This is true over most of life’s spectrum.

Here is a starter list of elements to help you keep fresh and vitalized:

  • Change what’s on the eyeball screen
  • Change what’s coming into your ears
  • Change your position
  • Take a break
  • Move your body
  • On your vacation go somewhere you have not been, or you rarely go
  • Do something you have not done before
  • Eat food you’ve never tried
  • Read something outside your normal range of interests


Is this profound? No. But we tend to forget and slide into neutral.

What do you do to enhance the creativity and the appreciation for beauty that’s built in to you?



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