An Addiction Nearly Impossible to Overcome


Yes, this is Alaska. I wanted to show you something besides a typical cliche’ AK photo likely to have been seen everywhere on Planet Earth. Credit: my friend Haley Morrisey, on Facebook

May 25, 2017

We have lived long enough in Alaska to call it home, having arrived in 1987. Thirty years (with a couple of short breaks out of state) is enough time to gain understanding of history and life outlook here.Alaska has been living in a semi-fantasy world, in which life is guided by these creeds:

  • Oil revenues will continually flow.
  • Federal funds will endlessly fall on our heads.
  • Because we deserve it.

We have counted on subsidies from other places for decades. Federal funds flow from states not as wealthy as we. In the early days we the need of assistance was real. Even though stellar growth has taken place, assistance continues. We are like a third- or fourth-generation welfare family.

You just get used to it.

For per capita spending, only two states – Maryland and Virginia – plus the District of Columbia, get more per capita federal spending. (Scroll down to the last chart on that page.) What is common about those areas? Ravenous, self-serving Washington DC is the center.

Another part of our problem is represented by the fact we spend more per capita on ourselves than any state. (I acknowledge life in the villages inflates that figure.) This is related to OPM addiction.