And Then He Went Home


Mitch Barrie, Flickr

March 22, 2017

In Mark 3, when Jesus called His 12 disciples, he had spent an entire night praying. This was momentous. (Have you ever done that?)

He called His disciples up on the mountain and named 12 of them His apostles. (Certainly they did not understand they would become well known.)

This caught my attention: when all this was done, “He went home”. Why did that not stand out before?

“He went home.”

So He was human after all.

But He wasn’t a “normal” human. Evidently He was not interested in press releases, conferences, hype, and other means of getting out the latest word about His revolution.

He went home.

Home was where he could rest. Home was where he was known for who he was. Home was real. Home was where he could reconnect. Home was where he could remember his roots – from where he came.


What a strange thought. The son of God was not overly impressed with Himself. He was grounded and rooted. Living in a human body, He knew His limitations and needs. He did not try to be a big hero.

He went home.

We try to do too much. We think cramped calendars and sold out schedules indicate our significance. We overestimate how much people need us. We seek fulfillment in busyness.

Sometimes we just need to go home.

And here is something else to remember. Where you are, wherever you are, is not home. That is coming later. Do you know where it is?

This song tells you where my home is not!

2 thoughts on “And Then He Went Home

  1. If we dont not learn this on our own…sometimes we are forced to understand it. I don’t work anymore. I can not drive. I am “home.” Yet I still must learn what “home” is.

    Home is a beautiful place.

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