Judgment-Free zone?

March 8, 2017

Can we ever get away from judging?

To refine this question a bit: can we ever stop exercising discernment?

Some folks seem bent on trying. More precisely, bent on trying to keep people other than themselves from exercising discernment.

I recently joined an exercise club. The fact I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few months ago and started taking treatment that can weaken bones was the kick in the pants I needed to get back to taking care of myself. Weight-bearing exercise brings a lot of benefits.

This club bills itself as a judgment-free zone. On the surface that sounds good. And, so far I like the overall vibe and the wide range of options for exercise.

But judgment-free?

You do not dare be a “lunk” at this place.

  • You cannot grunt.
  • You cannot make noise with weights.
  • You cannot wear tank tops (not that I would ever wear one in 150 years).

So, the folks who conceived an organization that provides a judgment-free zone exercise judgment.

Isn’t that interesting?

This is nothing against this club. They are just doing what humans do.

You. Me. All of us.

The problem is some humans think it’s possible not to do it, and others insist everyone stops (except themselves or their group, of course). Not only is it possible to stop judging, it is mandatory. That is for everyone except themselves.

“Don’t judge.”

You may as well tell me to stop existing. For some, that’s probably an accurate description of what they would like to see – that I and people like me would cease to exist.

However, the “problem” of people making judgments would still be around. How can you get away from yourself? (That reminds me of a line in a song I listened to often in the 70’s and 80’s. It says “wherever I went, I’d take me.”)

If you are alive, you judge.

(If the video doesn’t work in this post, you can go here.)

Have you noticed, as I have, that often those who call for everyone to stop judging are harshly judgmental themselves? Otherwise, please explain destructive rioting in the streets.

Can wishing an individual would die be described as anything but expressly judgmental? The question isn’t that some people are judging and others are not. It’s that some people don’t have the same judgments I do. And that makes me a pariah, which of course is a judgment.

Why is there such a distaste for truth? Likely it’s because truth makes us uncomfortable. There are things we don’t want to face or admit. People who live certain ways make us uncomfortable.

So the presumably easy rejoinder is “Don’t judge me”. Will you please return the favor?



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