Sunday Morning Christmas

Here is something from one of my favorite Christ-followers, if that’s appropriate. What a heart for God. What a heart for people.

These brief thoughts about the celebration of Christmas (this is the 10th day) and of the nature of the Church harmonize with my own.

See what you think. Here is Michele Perry.

D. Michele Perry


So did any of you all catch the kerfuffle on social media about churches cancelling their regularly scheduled Sunday morning services so people could play hooky and spend time loving their families instead?  {Yes, that is said tongue-in-cheek with a twinkly smile.}

Well, my heavens it provoked some pretty strong sentiments.  On all sides.  It got more tangled than last year’s light strands.  I made some comments and some folks found them helpful, so here’s a remix of them in case you might find them helpful as well.  For the next time Christmas comes on a Sunday or there is another such tangle:

“I see loads of people getting upset on Facebook about the fact some churches are cancelling services today because of Christmas. Um a few thoughts for friends here this situation is relevant to.

  1. You can’t cancel what you are.
  2. Nowhere in Scripture is a Sunday service mandated…

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