You Were Created for Joy


December 16, 2016

You were made for joy. Joy was made for you.

Since this is true, you will do surprising things to obtain it. This is because we all seek transcendence. It’s unavoidable. It’s built into our nature.

This fact – that you will do surprising things in a quest for joy – is sad. Why? Because joy is a gift. The Creator thought of it and designed it. He wants to spread it freely. Why strive?

Joy is a gift!

Things gets messy though, because we look in whatever wrong place we can, just to get a little joy, even if temporary. (But is it really joy that we find?)

We all know of these kinds of pursuits. Some of us have tried a few.

  • Sex
  • Medication
  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Art
  • Creativity
  • Hobbies
  • Workouts
  • Games
  • Travel
  • Relationships
  • Political Philosophies
  • Political Leaders
  • Work
  • Power
  • Fame
  • Personal Niche
  • Admired People
  • Animals

Here is the irony: all these are gifts from the Almighty. All are good and right, in their place. But, we want them on our terms. We don’t want that “divine foot in the door“. We wanna do what we wanna do, when we wanna do it. Don’t tell me what to do.

So we misuse the gifts and seek ultimacy in them. None of them will provide ultimacy.

I remember the ad for suds that says “It doesn’t get any better than this“. Oh, yes it does. These ads expressed appreciation for good things and good times, but focused the ultimacy on the suds. Sorry to bear this news, but that will fail.


What is missing here? I believe there are several things:

  • Perspective
  • Humility
  • God-directed worship
  • Peace
  • Settledness
  • Gratitude
  • Others-centeredness
  • Surrendered heart
  • Understanding
  • Wisdom

There are probably more.

I repeat: Joy is a gift. It does not come by striving.

I have recently been diagnosed with an illness. The illness could be considered serious. Yet, I have more joy as I write this than I remember ever having.

Think about that! 

The more connected we are with reality, how life actually is, and with the Almighty, the more ground is cultivated to receive the gift of joy.

The more we think we deserve it and bend efforts to have it, the more it will elude and disappoint us. There are plenty of lies about joy, and it is easy to fall for them.

Please: don’t listen to lies about life. There’s a better way.


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