Discipline, Effectiveness, and Struggle


May 3, 2016

Do you find yourself wanting to do more things than time allows? Do you find yourself frustrated, not knowing what to leave out?

This has bothered me most of my life. I love to read. Learning new things never gets tiresome. People who read two or three books a week amaze me. I wish I could read at that pace. I suspect, however, that my problem is not time. Rather, it’s discipline.

I imagine myself as a writer of books – an author. I have imagined myself as many different things over the years. (Would you believe a log truck driver when I was a kid?)

Yet, there was not found in me the ability or the will to strongly and boldly pursue the dreams. (Whew. That’s uncomfortably close to a cliche.)

It took years for me to act on the desire to write. This blog exists as a result of finally jumping off the edge. But I have not found (made) the time to persistently pursue and improve upon it. That is: my writing is on again-off again. There are flurries of production, then it goes silent for two or three weeks.

Reading all the how-to’s, the path to pursue success is easy. (Just plug in the right formula. Or, is this the right formula?) Pursuing it in actuality and making it real is something else again. Sometimes it seems I have a range of interests far too wide, so I skim their random tops.

It is true that God has wired me uniquely, as He has wired you. The challenge though, is to activate this wiring in effective and fruitful ways. It is too easy to pivot another subject, then to another, then to another. I start projects and let them languish much longer than I want to admit.

God, being the perfect Being, probably wired me like this:


Sometimes it feels like I have scrambled it like this:


My intellectual curiosity is insatiable. The ability to focus down into One Direction for an extended amount of time is elusive. Mustering the self-discipline to set everything else aside for an extended time, to pursue a dream that I say that I have, is effortlessly sidetracked.

The subject of worldview and how it affects everything endlessly intrigues me. It is supremely important, yet many folks seem to ignore worldview, or attempt to synthesize elements of conflicting ones.

My fascination with worldview and its importance finally led me to begin writing. This blog is the result. I want to help people examine their worldview, including their full implications. I want to highlight the consequences of worldview which are far too often unanticipated.

But my own proclivities get in the way. The human tendency to say “if only this or that could be different, then I could do that or the other thing”, often reasserts itself into my consciousness as I am sure it does yours.

Thus, I struggle to actually do the things I say I want to do. This is universal, isn’t it? I would love to hear back from you to tell me the ways you deal with this human proclivity, and how you overcome it.

At least this is consistent with an element of my worldview: that every person is flawed with sin and weakness.

Write in and tell me your observations.

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