Life Gets in the Way


March 30, 2016

Life, which includes death, often gets in the way of life as we wish it was.

This is been my experience for the last few weeks.

Other than my last article, which was 95% ready when I hurriedly left town, you haven’t seen me here lately. Just weeks ago my father-in-law was discovered to have a lip cancer. He lived in Oklahoma, which is a long way (in geographical distance certainly, but also in ways not related to geography) from Anchorage, Alaska.

Things progressed with Dad. Or should I say regressed? He went to another city 150 miles away from home for what we expected to be fairly simple surgery. The road took a turn into the wilderness of pain, confusion, and cascading decline. A combination of age, poor medical follow-up, outright medical neglect, and some of the results of that neglect, led to his change of address. He left this earth. He came to that singular appointment each of us faces.

My wife, an amazingly loving and faithful daughter, went to be by his side. She spent 10 to 14 hours per day in his rooms (yes, he got moved around a few times), talking to him, waiting upon him, playing hymns and singing to him. After filling some major responsibilities I traveled, by air and by land, to Bartlesville as well. Regrettably, my arrival was about 12 hours too late. I didn’t get to see him before he moved on. (I have been saying this a lot in recent years. Hear it again: I hate separation.)

My plans are to write on this blog twice a week. Rarely do I actually accomplish that. Life intervenes. Death intervenes. My own lack of focused attention to time use trips me. Thus, I have been silent lately.

Today I’m checking back in with you. I have not forgotten you who read my writings. It’s just another glitch in my managing of the incidents and events of life.

Deterioration has been on my mind the past two weeks.

This is been spurred by the events described, and by our process of going through Dad Mueller’s things.


This will be the subject of my next post. In anticipation, why not ponder the things you consider important and of premier value in your world? How and why did they get to the top of the list? Should they still be there?

The scene below is where my thought processes on deterioration started: Dad Mueller’s barn/shop. It was once strong and pristine I am sure. Now, we give serious consideration to knocking it down and burning the scraps.

Thank you for reading. Please add your comments and questions.

Barn 2 - 1

What lurks within? Seven dump truck loads of once valuable “stuff”.

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