Kingdoms, Tribes, Tongues, and Nations

Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

December 2, 2015

There is one race – the human race.

Is that news to you? It shouldn’t be. There are kingdoms, tribes, tongues, and nations. There are various ethnic streams, but one race.

People make much of differences, magnifying them into distortions of reality. We are all descended from one man and woman. This basic fact seems to be lost on the majority. The heart of man seems to prefer divisiveness, division, controversy, and angry demands. So people make much of differences, magnifying them into distortions of reality.

Pride – stubborn pride – the root of all sin.

How shall we ever be rid of the cancer of pride? There’s a way, and it’s the path of humble submission to the Messiah

Must we insist that skin pigmentation is reason to be suspicious of one another? Isn’t that a juvenile way of looking at life? Except, in general, children are virtually blind to these things.

Surely there are ethnic and cultural differences. There’s no point in denying that. But differences can be enjoyed and add color to this life on earth.

That’s not enough for some people. Those with political aspirations, who want to be influential, continually poke the hornet’s nest of race. They try to stir up something, and the purpose seems to be to steer votes a certain way or to increase personal power.

I liked this bit I read in an article a few days ago. It pondered the implausible possibility that Al Sharpton would ever make this kind of a statement:

“I am happy to report that we have investigated every aspect of this incident in this town, and have concluded that race was not a factor.”

4936619488_1c8768d13b_bCan you imagine him, or any other professional agitators, making such a statement? Ever? To acknowledge the truth of such a finding would diminish the perceived need for their services.

A classic Marxist tactic is to stir division, stir unrest, create turmoil, and then to sweep in with the answers to the problems they have aggravated. It is a ploy to centralize and gain more power over the people. This traitorous tactic is being used in our country, and is only harmful and not helpful.

I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and I also pray for repentance and peace in our land.

Photos: Sal Falko on Flickr, The Q Speaks on Flickr

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