Unicorns Are Real


July 23, 2015

We have embarked on an official national game of “Let’s Play Pretend”.

May I humbly suggest that vain philosophies and high-sounding arguments do not create reality?

I realize much responsibility for our current cultural failures can be laid at the feet of the Church. We have retreated into our own little world. We have gotten fuzzy with our message. In some cases we have led the way into cultural corruption. The Church needs to repent.

Jesus came “full of grace and truth”. We tend to over-emphasize one or the other. We need to recover the balance of grace and truth.

That aspect of our current cultural chaos deserves more attention and another article. Meanwhile, this man has spoken with eloquence and what he says is worth the time to read.

Today, let’s focus on some truth about how life really is.

(It is still allowable, isn’t it, to speak truth? To say “The Emperor has no clothes”?)


Even though the Church has its failures, this does not give us the ability to create new realities by simply imagining them. Or opining on them.

Yet, we are trying to gerrymander marriage. The action is presumptuous, arrogant, futile, frivolous, and rebellious. The Court is attempting to operate far out of its jurisdiction. It has no authority to give a ruling on something that is in God’s domain. John Roberts asked an important question of his colleagues: “Who do we think we are?” He deserves an answer, which I suspect is not forthcoming.

Suppose a county sheriff from somewhere in rural America goes to Sweden and begins exercising authority.


He goes around handcuffing people, taking them before the magistrates, writing tickets – whatever county sheriffs do. What authority does he have? Would he not be laughed out of town? In the same way, our Supreme Court – at least the five – are in way over their heads and have wandered, lost, to a far land, separated by thousands of miles from their legal jurisdiction. Professing themselves wise, they have acted as fools.

They have boldly, oddly stepped into God’s territory. Should the opinion of the five not also be laughed out of town? It used to be exclusively the purview of the Divine Majesty – Almighty God – to speak things into existence that previously were nothing. I missed the occasion when this divine anointing was given to The Extra Supreme Five.

Next, let’s bring a case before the Court and ask them to issue a ruling that unicorns are now real. Wouldn’t it be fun to see those creatures bounding merrily over our hills and meadows? Little girls everywhere would be happy – even enraptured. Go ahead, Supremes. You have just as much power to do this as to speak a new version of marriage into existence. Wield your new powers with abandon.

May the Farce be with You.

Back to reality: everyone already has access to marriage. Some have no desire or attraction to do so. Some have chosen not to access it, but it’s there for them – always has been. Who of us is not, or has not been, bedeviled by a strong unwanted lust or attraction that will not leave us alone? This is part of the sinful human condition, and is why we need the intervention of Yeshua Messiah.

Is it the calling of the Supreme Court to pave the way for us to pursue whatever lust or desire we “did not choose”? And does the Court have the power to erase all consequence of such pursuit, simply by declaring things? Are we obligated to heed an opinion that is delusional at its base and on its face?


Marriage has not been exalted by this fuzzy-headed, feelings-driven opinion.

It has been disrespected and despised. It has been minimized and mocked. And yes, the Church has been complicit in this. We have disrespected and despised marriage for decades.

Under this make-believe and childish version of marriage, the act of marriage is physically impossible, the purposes of marriage are unattainable, the relationship has been sterilized of its necessary complimentarian nature, and cultural confusion is now official. And in this new world, kids are irrelevant.

I suspect the poor souls who are rejoicing for awhile in this game of pretend will not find the long-term satisfaction and joy they seek.

You five justices, we are waiting. Please answer John Roberts’ question.

Just who do you think you are?

Photos: Martyn and Debs on Flickr, Geralt on Pixabay, Wikipedia

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