Silly Senseless Minuteness

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June 5, 2015

While reading the book “The Training of the Twelve” recently, I ran across this phrase: “silly, senseless minuteness of a rabbinical legislation”. The author referred to the Pharisees and the hard moralistic chains with which they bound people. Rules were stacked on top of God’s law, and on top of other rules.

This phrase immediately brought to mind our Official Moral Nitpickers in Washington DC. (Well, they exist on college campuses too. And in grade school classrooms. We all know burping is crude, but deserving handcuffs?).

The climate fostering these ridiculosities (new word) is promoted in DC, and by those who elected the Moral Nitpickers in the first place. If these folks are not engaged in “silly, senseless minuteness of legislation”, then I am a green giraffe.

Yep, That's Me

Yep, That’s Me

Take just one example: The ACA – nearly 5 reams of incomprehensible minuteness. A single law illustrates “silly senseless minuteness”.


The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of our government have assigned themselves this authority. The avant-garde of the chaotic and confused 60’s and 70’s used to spout “You cannot legislate morality”. The philosophy is demonstrably untrue. The only way to avoid legislating morality is to avoid legislating at all. The only question is whose morality is being legislated. Legislation says “this is right, and that is wrong.” How is that not morality?

But those who used to spout “if it feels good, do it” and those of following generations who bought that philosophy are in charge. Surprise of surprises: they devote themselves to seriously focused, head-down legislative minutia creation. Added to the policy of deliberate currency inflation, we have regulatory inflation compounding at what seems an even faster pace. All to regulate and frown over your every move.

We are governed by a bunch of moralistic legalists, who reserve for themselves the right to create what that morality is. Victorian tut-tutting has had a rebirth.
4122009797_3788f20701_oI grew up in a strict religious environment. Compared to the legal/governmental environment today, we lived in the cloudless blue sunlight of expansive liberty.

The conclusion? No one is more fastidiously legalistic than the progressive element. They put Pharisees, fumbling amateurs, to self-flagellating shame.

Photos: WikimediaClkrFreeVectorImages on Picabay, IZQuotes, Stuart Richards on Flickr,

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