Accounting for Bloodshed

abortion-modern-slavery-socialMay 27, 2015

When the blood of an innocent person is shed, who is accountable?

Should there be accountability for the shedding of innocent blood? Who is the one who determines innocence? Are these things that men can fully discern and rightly implement, apart from the wisdom of Almighty God? If there are people who think they can, should we trust persons with such arrogance to lead our nation with humility and righteous actions?

God stated that he will require in accounting for the shedding of innocent blood. He has implemented government for the purpose of rewarding those who do good and punishing those who do wrong. Since the heart of man is bent toward evil, we need a system of government and law to restrain evil. He has delegated some of His authority in that regard to government.

The goodness and the effectiveness of any government system can be measured by what God says is right. Every government system, no matter how it is set up, is accountable to the Creator. Why is this? Because He ordained and created government, and delegated authority for it to human beings. This means when innocent blood is shed, there needs to be, and will be, an accounting.

God’s direct accounting may not come for a long time.

Governmental authorities are in charge of bringing the more immediate accounting. I contend that in many cases government has neglected this responsibility. Who is more innocent than a tiny baby? What measure of accountability should there be when the mother takes the life of her own baby? What accountability is required when a government system, which is meant to protect innocent life, is acquiescent in that act? What accountability is needed if a government system actually promotes, encourages, and even helps pay for the taking of such innocent life? Has our “evolved” humanity advanced so far in intellectual understanding that accountability for innocent blood no longer applies?

Taxpayer Supported Child Sacrifice

Taxpayer Supported Child Sacrifice

I am glad I cannot hear what God hears.

I believe it would be horrifying. The blood of innocent children by the millions cries to the Lord. He said, when Cain killed Abel, that he heard his blood crying up to him from the ground. What would millions crying out from the ground sound like?

Even though our current government system is devotedly lax in bringing accountability for shedding innocent blood, including the murder of innocent people who who  have been living for a while, there will be an accounting.

Repentance or Judgment?

It will come through one of those avenues. Convicted murderers live for decades, well cared for, while the cry of their victims continues. Abortionists are honored. So this is accounting?

Judgment may have already begun. We are in economic distress. Our society has increasing symptoms of fragmentation and disintegration. We are hedonistic in the extreme, trying to cover our national sins with noise and pleasure. The cacophony of our games and trivialities will not drown out the cries of the innocents. The cultural hype of our technological advancements will not attenuate the volume.

There will be an accounting. I pray it comes through repentance and not judgment.

Photos: Radiance Foundation, Thomas Hawk

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