Our Definition of Your Happiness Is Superior To Your Definition of Your Happiness

May 20, 2015

IRS? Thought This Was About Health Care

IRS? Thought This Was About Health Care

Warning: Snarkiness Just Ahead

Don't Say I Didn't Tell You

Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You

The Benevolent Masters in DC continue to shine.

I haven’t posted an article specifically related to the political realm for awhile, and it’s felt pretty good. (Here’s an earlier one, if you are interested.) A recent event, however, stirred me to vent a bit.

4257136773_704c0b0dd5_o (1)

Our small church has three full time and three part time employees. The full timers receive a salary package, and are asked to specify how it is to be allocated. Each of us chose some to go to health benefits, as our employer instructed us to do. Each of us selected a health care plan, and a portion of the salary was designated for that.

Everyone was satisfied with this arrangement until the ACA came along.

As most of you know, the ACA stands for the Affordable Care Act. I could come up with several more accurately descriptive names. Actually, I did come up with several more accurately descriptive names:

  • Atrocious Complexity Act
  • Artificial Compassion Act
  • Accelerating Confusion Act
  • Abominable Coercion Act
  • Authoritarian Centralization Act
  • Approved Corruption Act
  • Astronomically Contemptuous Act

This is a digression, however. (Digress with me: send me your alternative name ideas in the comments below.)

The Heretofore Mentioned Event

We recently found that our small congregation could be liable for daily $100 fines taxes, per employee, by continuing our good faith practice of enabling employees to obtain excellent health care coverage. We did not learn this from our Benevolent Masters. It was another organization trying to watch out for the best interests of the people (fascinating contrast, that) who sent us the information.

Their letter explained the Benevolent Masters are willing to forego, for awhile, the penalties the ACA says we deserve – penalties for providing excellent health care benefits for our employees. Isn’t that magnanimous?

What this seems to boil down to is this: those Benevolent Masters want to define for us what will make us satisfied with our health care provisions. Because our plan doesn’t fit the new definitions of what those Wiser Than The Riff-Raff have decided now describes what makes citizens happy, we (and other churches and small businesses) are now deserving of punitive fines taxes. (Thanks, Supreme Court, for that clarification.)

Merry Merry

Merry Merry

Yes, the ACA has indeed arrived on our doorstep. It has arrived on the doorstep of a group of people who are all well-satisfied with their health care plan, but whose satisfaction doesn’t satisfy the Benevolent Masters. Creativity and personalization for individual and family needs are Not Allowed. I guess this is the New American Way.

Mrs. Pelosi, we are still “finding out what’s in it.”

Somehow this doesn’t remind me of Christmas.

Woops. Heh Heh.

Woops. Heh Heh.

There’s hope, though. Far superior alternatives exist.

Photos: Geoffrey Whiteway in Stockvault, Open Clips on Pixabay, Barkbud on Flickr, Tracey Adams on Flickr, AlchemillaMollis on Pixabay

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