April 8, 2015


This arrived in my inbox today, in a message from Jon Bender:

Over Easter, I was asked at a neighborhood party if I ever get frustrated being a Christian? This question struck me a little funny.  Then I asked, “How do you mean?” They said, “You know…always having to look at things with Christian goggles on.”  I told them sometimes, but it’s definitely worth it!  (Not having the time to go into actually how freeing it is.)

I wonder if the questioner had thought very deeply about his inquiry.

Everyone looks at life through a chosen (maybe subconsciously) pair of goggles. The goggles shop offers a tantalizing variety of models, giving people the choice of seeing whatever they want to see. And everybody has purchased something at that store. It is unavoidable.

So the question becomes: which pair of goggles is the most focused on reality? Which pair of goggles aids the wearer to see things as they really are?

Neutrality doesn’t exist, and is a myth. The person who asked that question probably thinks he’s one of those rare broad-minded persons who has no presuppositions.

If so, that person is mistaken. Such a person is not rare. Such a person does not exist. We all carry our presuppositions around, and they influence everything we do and think.

It could even be that friend is wearing blinders rather than goggles.

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