Why 50 Shades of Grey Is Really Black & White

minimal_grey_by_gominhos-d5mdf9zFebruary 17, 2015

Thank you Michele Perry for saying something that needs to be said. Why do we clamor after every edgy, bizarre, degraded entertainment distraction we can? It says more about us than it does those who produce such moral MRSA.

Photo: Gominhos on (I suppose appropriately in this case) DeviantArt

D. Michele Perry

Laptop or notebook with cup of coffee and origami heart on old wooden table toned with a retro vintI remember growing up reading stories of prince charmings whisking princesses away to their happily-ever-afters and dreaming of real-life fairytales.  What little girl doesn’t dream of finding her very own prince charming?

I’m not normally cultural commentator.  It’s just not my thing. I prefer to write authentically about my own journey rather than analyze and debate the topics that are lighting up social media. But this is one something I just can’t stay silent about.

Maybe it is because my journey has crossed paths with many Anastasia Steeles over the years:

The young girl so abused she acquiesces to prostitution because at least she will get paid for the trauma that way.  The wife who sticks it out with her abusive husband out of a belief she can reform him.  The girlfriend who tolerates her overly-possessive stalker-like boyfriend and his controlling behavior because her self-worth is wrapped up in his…

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