Things I Used to Think

Perception / Percepción

January 29, 2015

Our view of the world changes as we mature. Our perceptions of what’s real change. Herein are some honest and possibly embarrassing revelations of things that used to reside in my brain. See if you relate to any. With smiles, I leave you to guess the ages at which these ideas or questions were held.

Do You Relate?

Whenever we sang “Deck the Halls“, I always wondered who Don was, and what was that weird thing we were telling him about ourselves?

If I told a lie then immediately lost my life in a car accident without having confessed and repented of that lie, I just might go to hell.


Alaska was some semi-mythological place. Its exact location was fuzzy to me. I always wanted to visit, never thinking it would become our dwelling place. Three times.

Incorrect Stereotype

Incorrect Stereotype

No girl could possibly like me.

The police might come if I ever removed that tag that says “DO NOT REMOVE PENALTY OF LAW”.

I would never be able to do something with excellence.


That the Midwest was basically ugly.

Maybe Not

Maybe Not

That only rich people took vacations. (Maybe I was right. Maybe my perception of “rich” is what really changed.)


That I was a pretty good person and that being a preacher’s kid helped that to be the case.


That I might fall through the holes in the grated walk over the thundering waters on the spillway of Lock and Dam Number 11 in Dubuque, Iowa.

3670881730_d1409a9884_b (1)

That it was extremely scary to suddenly meet a boxer dog face to face. (It probably still would be if I met one that big.)


The more snow in a winter, the better.


It was easier to live comfortably in a cold climate than in a warm one.



Maybe Not

The more chrome a car had, the better it looked.

Well, Maybe They Aren't So Bad

Well, Maybe They Aren’t So Bad

Certainly Better Than This

Certainly Better Than This

Pontiac was my favorite brand of automobile. (See the bottom 2 photos in the collage above.)

A pocket calculator was a wonderful and amazing technology.

Wonder of Wonders

Wonder of Wonders

It was a worthwhile activity, in the afternoon after school, to go to the backyard basketball hoop and shoot foul shots 100 at a time to see how many I could make. And to do this for three solid hours.

Something Like That

Something Like That

History was boring.


Instrumental music was better than singing.


Bellbottom pants were nifty looking.

Mine Were Plaid

Mine Were Plaid

Church was all about what happened on Sundays.

Church, old

Chevrolet El Caminos were the best design ever.



Jimmy Lou, the neighbor girl, was my girlfriend. (I was five. This was in Dubuque. Her father was an alcoholic. I saw him come home drunk once, and tore up his rain-soaked front yard, trying to pull his car up to the house, ignoring the driveway.)

Watching Monday Night Football every week was nearly non-negotiable.

MNFOn the chorus of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, that the last “adore” should have three syllables. And the last syllable should be pronounced “ee”.

Oh Come

I would do youth ministry until I was 70.

What Was I Thinking?

What Was I Thinking?

I would play basketball until I was 70.

If Only

If Only

Reading the Scripture and praying were obligatory duties.

Got That Out of the Way

Got That Out of the Way

First grade was very scary. (I never went to Kindergarten.)

Bristol School, Colorado Springs

Bristol School, Colorado Springs

I would never be able to have a savings account.

That leaving with my brother one sunny afternoon in Colorado Springs and wandering miles from home only to return near evening should’ve been no big deal. I was shocked to learn that my parents had been out tramping in the mud, with police help, trying to find us. We didn’t run away; we were just exploring.

Girls were scary.

small boy close up

What Kind of Creature is That?

Cabbage was awful.

file0001026214809 (1)

White bread was wonderful.


Wilt Chamberlain could do no wrong and Maris and Mantle were unsullied heroes.


Double Trouble

Double Trouble

There are more where this random assortment resides in the archives. As you can see:

Some things have changed.

How about you? What is different about how you see the world now?

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