The Humble Exalted One

October 29, 2014

He's Big, We're Small

He’s Big, We’re Small

October 29, 2014

Though the Lord is exalted,
He takes note of the humble;
but He knows the haughty from a distance.

Psalm 138:8

Our Almighty God is drawn to humility.

Have you noticed that when people are exalted, they tend to avoid being around the humble, the “lesser”? Have you noticed that tendency in yourself?

God is just the opposite. His level of exaltation is stratospheric, yet He wants to be near the humble. He is drawn to them. He is eager to come near.

I have often said that humility is a “God magnet”, and by saying that I do not mean to be cavalier or disrespectful. (Or maybe He is a “magnet” to those who humble themselves.) Stories abound in Scripture about once proud and rebellious people who humbled themselves, and at that point, God was right there.

This indicates that the Most Exalted Almighty God also has the characteristic of humility. That does not compute on a human plane.

To become proud and unwilling to be with the humble is to be arrogant and to be unlike God. God knows the proud, but “from a distance”. I want Him to be near.

Photo: Gina Marr on Flickr,

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