Hungry for Light


Oh The Brightness

October 22, 2014

Light is often on my mind.

Living in the Far North, this is a topic that rises into the conversation more often than anywhere else we’ve lived. I feel tangibly diminished energy in Alaska’s relentlessly persistent wintertide. Generally I operate at about 70% capacity.

Summer before last, during long hours of daylight, my wife was out-of-town visiting her father. We had just moved into a new townhouse. The windows had no coverings yet. I slept next to a large window, slightly opened.

By 4 AM the sun filled the atmosphere with its nourishing full glory. For two or three days I was so rested and energized that I arose between four and 4:30 AM. (With my wife home, I would have avoided this, because it would disturb her sleep.) The typical afternoon slow-down time never materialized, with me carrying energy to spare.

Light, or the absence thereof, has a discernible, visceral effect on my sense of well-being. This may be psychological, but also feels physical, mental, and spiritual. In the winter my eyes hunger for color. My skin yearns for warmth. My psyche craves the lifting of spirits light bestows.

Rays of Healing

Rays of Healing

What if there was never night?

A friend and I were talking about how wonderful it would be if there was never night. In the current order of things, this would wreak havoc on life on earth, and seasons would be lost. We need seasons. This planet was created to operate that way. So it’s not such a good idea – yet. We need day and night. Contrast and rhythm are wonderful. Darkness makes me appreciate the light all the more. The extended season of winter is what creates the negative effect for me.

Clear Sky

Clear Sky

God says that people love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil. Things are more easily hidden in the dark. People do not want their deeds exposed. If God calls us to live in the light, as Jesus His Son was in the light, that is where I want to be. Certainly I want to be there in my spirit, but guess what? I also want to be there physically as much as I can.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and psychic elements are interconnected and networked together in ways that we barely understand. An event in one aspect of our lives affects other parts of us. Mental stress and depression can cause physical symptoms. Spiritual turmoil can cause physical and mental problems. For some, lack of light brings unwanted side effects.

Look Up

Look Up

The Day of the Lord

Do you increasingly, intently look forward to That Day when there will be no more darkness? I do. I mean this in a physical sense and in a spiritual sense. Light brings life. Light brings healing. Light brings energy. Light is energy.

Christ followers anticipate the time when there will be no more night. Counter-intuitively, there will be no more sun, for Messiah Himself will provide unimpeded, undiminished, perfect light. Certainly it will be the most nutritious, energizing, life creating, exhilarating light that we have ever experienced.

Maybe the periods of darkness we experience on this earth are meant to cause our hunger for the True Light to go deeper.

Well, it’s working.

What about you?

How do light and darkness affect you? What do you do to mitigate the effects of prolonged dark days? Is this even an issue for you?

Photos: PictureFreak on DeviantArt, Free Wallpapers, Inkwell Inspirations, Xilverkit on DeviantArt

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