How Things Are Put Together

Fun to Watch

Fun to Watch (I Imagine)

August 11, 2014

The Boeing factory in Seattle has beckoned me for 30 years. I am fascinated by the design and construction process of almost anything. (That Boeing plant doesn’t hold the same fascination for those who are usually with me when I’m in the Emerald City. Thus, the factory tour is still on my wish list.)

How intriguing would it be to watch giant jet airplanes being built? Or cars? When I see a movie with particularly striking effects or scenes, my mind diverges from the story to ask “How did they do that?”

The inner workings of things draws my attention.

To peek under the hood, to see how things go together, and to see how processes unfold always invites further inquiry for me. So much creativity and coordination is involved. People go to great lengths to perfect what they’re designing and building. They collaborate with one another. They revise constantly. They draw plans, then start over. They get on the phone and talk to people who aren’t there, to kibitz and collaborate.

In the spring of 2013 we moved into a brand-new townhouse. We think they are attractive and more homelike than many multiple-unit communities we’ve seen around town. We are thankful to have such a nice place.



Contrary to this slightly doctored view, the community is still being built. That means directly across our driveway, another one has gone up since we moved in. (Actually, four buildings have been erected.) Watching the process has never been tiring. In fact I took a series of photos to document the progress just for my satisfaction . Every phase was fascinating: excavation, setting up forms, pouring concrete, taking down the forms, laying down the foundation elements, building the studded walls, and on and on. Currently they are in the finishing mode. People are living in it now, but small details remain incomplete. Landscapers lately have been busy, and touch-up work continues. Mind you, this process has been going on for twelve months through most kinds of weather. (There hasn’t been a tornado.)

Randomness as Order?

This makes me reflect on something. How does anyone arrive at a conclusion that this universe, with all of its intricacies and elements, from the microscopic to the monumental and massive, could only have come about by random unguided forces? These town-homes are utterly simplistic in their design and execution by comparison. They are nothing in the vast scope of the universe. Yet it has taken dozens of minds working together for years to conceive of and put them on paper, let alone bring them into existence.

Intricate Little Nuisance Plant

Intricate Little Nuisance Plant

Yet people with university educations and scientific minds seem unable to bring themselves to believe a mind is behind the details, design, and language we see all around us. They seem to believe there is no mind involved with information built into the DNA that we all carry.

This stretches credulity. There must be something else going on. That something else is probably a religious motive: to avoid acknowledging God.

Richard Lowenton specifically admitted that when he said that materialism is absolute, since we “cannot allow a Divine foot in the door”. So did Lawrence Krauss when he said he’d “much rather live in a universe without” God.

What else could this be but the desire to avoid God? Some folks work very hard at not believing.

Regardless, I hope someday to find myself within the walls of that Boeing factory. One thing is a certainty to me: there will be no plane building itself.


Taking Plane Shape


Photos: CNN, Hollybrook Terrace, Ooomf, Airline Reporter.

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