The Gift of Discouragement

Deflated Dreams (Photo: Unsplash)

Deflated Dreams (Photo: Unsplash)

October 27, 2013

Some folks just cannot help it.

They’ll deflate your balloon at a moment’s notice. They’ll find the flaw and let you know about it. They’ll list the reasons why it won’t work.

Deflation Just Ahead (Photo: GuySie on Flickr)

Deflation Just Ahead (Photo: GuySie on Flickr)

They’ll question your motives.

Found the Flaw (Photo:

Found the Flaw (Photo:

They will make sure you know they don’t approve of whatever it is they don’t approve. They will find ways to undermine your dream.

I call that the Gift of Discouragement. It seems second nature to some individuals. (It turns out that phrase is not original with me. See here also. However, I never heard of it until i said it, but did observe it.) I am ordinarily an encourager, but can fall into this practice as well.

Have you ever run into a person so gifted? What was the result in your life? Have you ever been that person? What happened?

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Discouragement

  1. When the gift of a complaint enters my mind…I want the red traffic light of the Holy Spirit to blink and the horn to sound…same with a discouraging thought or an accusing voice!


    • Those are good words, Cyndy. It’s hard not to complain when decisions are made that will affect our few and our nation, that seem to be poor and harmful decisions. Humility is required, along with boldness at the right time.


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