Ruminations on a Presidential Race – “We Wanna Be Like Them”

We Want a King

We Want a King

Originally Written November 3, 2008

I guess the uniqueness of these United States of America is wearing too ho-hum with some people. This “noble experiment” is unique in all history. as is our Constitution. Nothing like it before, a few attempts at imitation since. It was written in the milieu of 3 concerted days of prayer to our Creator God by our founders. There are foundational reasons these United States of America have experienced blessing, power and prosperity. We live now on borrowed capital as we increasingly repudiate our foundations.

Way back in the early days of the nation of Israel, the people decided they no longer wanted to be the unique nation God had designed them to be. They wanted to be like the other guys.

1Sa 8:19-20 Nevertheless, the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel, and they said, “No, but there shall be a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles.”

They despised their heritage. They clamored to look just like the nations around them. Enough of this blessing already.

We have numerous current and past examples of socialistic governments all around us. Although it’s inexplicable to me, we have for years had our own politicians and other elites looking longingly to those examples of failure and pining away for our own brand of socialism. (I notice it’s mainly those who have done very well under our system of capitalism and freedom – stars and starlets, the narcissistic entertainers, the Benevolent Bringers of Good for Our Kids {political self-appointed saviors} who most clamor for us to sell our birthright.)

It’s been incremental. We have moved more and more into socialistic policy for many years. And it’s hurt us. We have created a welfare class. We continually pit one group against another. We seem to have perfected class warfare and fostering the politics of envy between groups. We “promise if I’m elected” to bring loads of cash home. All wonderful grist for the socialist mill. “Trust us. We can take better care of you than you can.”

Along comes a man with put-upon kingly bearing to save us all from ourselves. In unintended candor, he answered an ordinary citizen’s question with the statement that spreading the wealth around is good for everybody.

How glib. How false. How revealing. And then he and his followers get outraged when the terms “socialist” and “socialism” start getting airplay. That short sentence expressed a primary tenet of socialism, and even Marxism. You said it. Why get ruffled when people say that you said it?

Socialistic policies have been couched in all kinds of comfortable phraseology all these years. Mr. BHO used a more accurate phraseology in this case. He is sometimes more forthcoming about his desire to strip even more freedom and power from the adoring populace, even as he tries to hide his past. There seems to be a significant amount of people who want to rush to his defense and swallow it whole. Because, after all, it’s change! Change has become a high virtue, regardless of what change The Changer has in mind.

“We would have a king. We will be like the nations around us.” That’s what the people of Israel said.

“Let’s sell our birthright – it’ll be good for everybody.”

English: South façade of the White House, the ...

The White House – Not a Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(October 2013)

How has this all turned out?

Does our executive branch carry the bearing of the people’s servant, or of a king?

Are we selling our birthright?

How important is our history?

5 thoughts on “Ruminations on a Presidential Race – “We Wanna Be Like Them”

  1. Jasmine ~ I wish I knew. I don’t think we know the man enough to know what he’ll do. Even news anchors from major networks here were frankly saying yesterday that they don’t really know who Obama is.


  2. hi, that’s a nice and honest answer actually!
    all i can tell u from our side is that while the rest of the world is celebrating, we don’t know if we should duck for cover.
    thanks for replying to me question, anyhow.
    bye bye, Jaz


  3. Jaz, Thank you for the comments. I think that you folks not knowing whether to duck for cover or not is a realistic response! It’s unknown. Our system has checks and balances, so usually when a President tries to overreach, he gets reined in to some degree.

    Blessings on you.



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