Real Pollution


October 11, 2013

What does pollution on this earth really involve? Is it simply the spoiling of earth? Trash misplaced? Air fouled? Water poisoned?

Man Has Made A Mess

Man Has Made A Mess

The earth is polluted, certainly. However, that is a symptom of a deeper, more foundational pollution. True pollution is a rejection, or at least a distortion, of God and His covenant. External pollution is an outworking of internal pollution. “Out of the heart come the issues of life”.

The Polluted Heart

The Polluted Heart

People groan over the pollution and destruction of the planet, yet don’t realize the fact that God is sovereign and requires absolute submission. More accurately, people actively reject that presupposition. Ultimately, all pollution stems at its root from some element of rejection of the Word and the ways of the Lord, the Creator and Owner of all that we see and don’t see.

With sin comes deterioration, degradation, rot, spoilage, damage, greed, ugliness, and devaluation. There is nothing beautiful or fruitful about rejecting God’s authority.

There is a way out of our mess, but are we humble enough to receive it?

Symptom of Inner Pollution

Symptom of Inner Pollution

>Photos: Smokestacks at everystockphoto, Water at FreePhoto, Statue at stock.xchng, Smog at stock.xchng

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