You Are Old! Please Go Away!

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September 26, 2013

Several years ago a writer for the local paper published an editorial dismissing the opinions of a certain demographic of the population, because her perception was that people who disagreed with her were old, and that’s why they disagreed. The issue at hand was a moral one which has been politicized. Julia, who has been writing for the paper since she was in high school, is excellent at her craft and intelligent too. However, she held the PC opinion on the subject and the logic of the article had some holes, the largest of which was: if you are old, you don’t know.

The Subject Is Still Relevant

So, I decided to re-publish here today what I wrote, slightly updated, in response back then.

“Hi Julia,

I’ve read your work since you were in high school. You are a very good writer.


You aren’t the first to think the world has breathlessly awaited the arrival of your enlightened generation just in time to fix things. I used to be one of them too. (Guess the 60-somethings who used to say “Don’t trust anyone over 30” are now awkwardly unable to trust themselves for 3 decades running.)old_hippie_very_old_hippies_1

Your generation’s not the first to think history began with them. That everything previous is irrelevant. That wisdom finally made the scene. That old people are stupid. Nice, but stupid.

No, the issue at hand is much deeper, Julia. It’s one of sovereignty. Is it God or man who is the measure of all things? Is the state now the arbiter of Truth and Wisdom? Is the state authorized to micromanage our beliefs and value systems? To tell us we can’t live by them? That we can’t speak about them? Is there no longer a standard? Is liberty to be squelched so no one is made to feel badly? Are there indeed too few lawsuits, so we must create a legal atmosphere more conducive to litigation? Can the state indeed eliminate people saying mean things? And should they try?

Your friend assumed this assembly vote would be a “slam dunk”. Not to wonder, with the politically correct daily droning of the media pressing us to think so. The “new morality” has arrived! (Except it, too, is very old.) Not to wonder, with the education system seeming more concerned with social change and mindless acceptance of political correctness than giving our kids the tools of learning and independent thinking. That system at best seems to be willfully indifferent, and at worst decidedly hostile, to the Source of Truth, ironic as that is.

Elderly Woman B&WNo, it’s not because we are “old”. Maybe you’ll think better of your words as time goes on (as you become [ahem] older). The argument you advance manifests as arrogant, ignorant, condescending, and shallow. “They are wrong because they are old.” Implication: Youth Has All Wisdom.

Yes I see your charts this morning. Society has changed. Not all change is good. And some change is pushed for reasons of increasing the sovereignty of the state. In this case I believe “equality” is a smoke screen for something else.

There is no one older than the Ancient of Days. I suppose you wish He’d also repair to the lakeside, sit in the sun, and shut His Trap? One day we’ll stand before Him. We’ll be the ones shutting our traps.

Wisdom was around long before your generation arrived. It will be around long after you are all old. Very old.”

Now that Julie has put on a few more years, I wonder if her perspective has changed at all?

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2 thoughts on “You Are Old! Please Go Away!

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    • Thank you for writing in.

      Since my article was not about alcoholism, I am not sure what point you are trying to make!

      What am I missing?

      Again, thank you for reading and responding.



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