Self-Administered Justice

Justice Will Be Done

Justice Will Be Done

September 23, 2013

The justice of God is set up to have a certain level of built-in “automation”. This has to do with the law of sowing and reaping. Wicked schemes prove to create harm for the schemer.

See Psalm 9:16  “The LORD has revealed Himself; He has executed justice, striking down the wicked by the work of their hands.

It doesn’t always look to be true. There’s groaning when wickedness becomes prolonged. “When the righteous rule the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule the people groan.”

Even though we don’t understand all God’s ways, and certainly not His timing, it is observable that people get caught in their own wicked devices. Sometimes it’s humorous, as in the example above. Other times it is pitifully sad.

I Didn't Expect This

I Didn’t Expect This

Muammar Quaddafi

A Bitter End

Muammar Gaddafi is a modern example. He set up systems of brutalization and was himself brutalized. Haman, the wicked character in the book of Esther, comes to mind. He was hung on his own gallows which were intended for someone else he despised.

God’s justice is perfect. Yes, it is! He is good, and He could not be good if He was not just. His goodness requires that sin and evil be resolved either by surrender to Him or by just retribution. Sometimes that retribution is fulfilled by the actions of the ones who rebel against Him.

This is commonly described as “he got what he deserved” and we tend to exult in it. However, it’s sad, because it’s avoidable. Due to the mercy and grace of God, we usually don’t get what we deserve right away, and if we trust the work of His Son, we never will get what we would have deserved otherwise!

There’s a way to avoid automated justice, and more importantly, final justice.

Photos via: Geoffrey Whiteway in StockVault, Naypong in FreeDigitalPhotos,  Abode of Chaos on Flickr.

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