Trouble By Law

How long will it wave?

How long will it wave?

August 4, 2013

Nearly every time we hear a speech from a politician, the phrase “God bless America” is uttered, usually at the end, after the speaker stirs up some emotional rhetoric in an attempt to finish with a flourish. The phrase seems almost obligatory. Does no one notice we are living on borrowed capital, having long since removed most of the factors in our national life that might incline God to bless us?

A poet, and a man very familiar with what it took to govern a nation (he was a king) was addressing God one day. Here’s a snippet from one of his poems:

If I say, “My foot is slipping,” Your faithful love will support me, Lord. When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.

Can a corrupt throne — one that creates trouble by law — become Your ally? They band together against the life of the righteous and condemn the innocent to death. (emphasis mine)

The citizens of our nation experience this. They have troubles added to their lives by law.

Our lawmakers seem bent on making life more difficult. Instead of bringing peace, laws bring distress and hardship. Instead of making life work more smoothly, laws impede and hinder. Instead of opening new vistas of freedom and opportunity, laws tighten the fences and reduce the amount of free space. I hear people talk about these things regularly.

Though individuals grouse about how restrictive God is, His commandments number 613 – a minuscule amount compared to the flow of laws and regulations that pour out of Congress. This is not to speak of the fact that Jesus said the “whole law” is summed up in just two commandments.

(Is anyone out there ready to volunteer to sum up. for example, Obamacare in just – say – two pages?)

I believe a major factor in this is that as a whole citizens do not tremble at the presence of the Lord. The Lord’s presence is not even acknowledged in many places. He has become irrelevant, or a nuisance, or a reason for ridicule. Thus, we have chosen our own little gods to solve everything for us. The solutions are often worse than the problem.

Cultural influencers have become wise in their own eyes. They have replaced the few laws given by God with thousands of laws, rules, regulations, and cultural no-noes. This blizzard of legalism (is there any class of people more inclined to legalism than progressives?) has not created order, but confusion and chaos. There are fewer and fewer things that are allowable, and freedom shrinks. This situation has been brought to you by the folks who at one time said “anything goes”. Meanwhile, the children grow up lost and rudderless, which bodes poorly for our future.

Freedom of the citizens is anathema to those who want to consolidate power for themselves. Those who create trouble by law are not allies of the living God.

Thus, one day they will face a special kind of trouble. May we tremble at the presence of the Lord before such a day comes.

Photo via: Beverly and Pack at everystockphoto

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