Pride Makes You Deaf

Hard of Hearing

Can’t Hear a Thing

July 3, 2013

I recently realized that pride makes a person hard of hearing. It takes humility to hear from God, or to hear – really hear – from anyone else, too.

Psalm 34:2

I will boast in the Lord; the humble will hear and be glad.

Are you aware of any humble atheists? Possibly they exist. The ones of whom I am aware do not come across that way. As all people are worshipers, those who ignore God usually worship themselves. That is essentially pride, is it not?

If I am not hearing from God, maybe my heart needs examination. The humble can hear. Jesus said that unless I become as a child, I cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven.

Intellectual pride has undoubtedly caused significant deafness.

I Can't Hear You.

I Can’t Hear You.

There isn’t a hearing aid you can buy that will fix it.


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