What Is it About Nobility?

Who? Me?

Who? Me?

There is an account in the book of Nehemiah of a massive wall rebuilding effort around the ancient city of Jerusalem. People worked side-by-side to get it done in 52 days, in spite of great opposition. Groups of people who are involved are described by name. An interesting aside occurs in the account, which reveals that not everyone was excited about getting the wall rebuilt.

Neh 3:5 ESV – “… next to them (other workers) the Tekoites repaired, but their nobles would not stoop to serve their Lord.”

The nobles of the Tekoites “didn’t lift a finger” it says in another translation. Is that surprising?  (Further in the passage, rulers of other groups did get their hands dirty, so this attitude was not pervasive among Nehemiah’s peers.)

Humans have such a tendency to pride. Pride is one of those weeds that continually needs to be pulled. The moment you think you are humble, then you are not.

Some individuals present themselves to be at a higher level than the masses. They exempt themselves from lesser things. As I reflected on this observation of the behavior of the nobility, the US Congress came to mind. How many laws do they pass which they “don’t lift a finger” or “stoop” to obey, because they make provision in the law to be exempt from it?

Can you be a person of integrity and vote for such a law? The practice seems the height of self-serving arrogance. Maybe there is some consideration I am missing which has not yet been explained to me.

Feel free to write in and tell me what that is.

Other than that – get out there and serve. Until you learn to serve, life will not go as well for you as you would like. The more you serve yourself, the less happy you will be.

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