The Destroyer and the Seed of the Woman

Baby at 9 Weeks

April 23, 2013

Satan has always intently pursued the Seed of the Woman. He’s the energizing spirit behind child sacrifice and murder. It started early. The first son born on earth killed his brother, who was the second born son on earth.

Pagan nations have practiced child sacrifice all through history. Pharaoh went for all the Hebrew boys when that tribe living in Egypt grew to what he considered unmanageable size.

When the Messiah was born Herod scrambled the troops to wipe out every boy child aged two or younger in Bethlehem. That was a direct attack on the Seed of the Woman. The intent was to snuff God’s redemptive plan. Later Satan tried to get Jesus to commit suicide by jumping off a pinnacle.

It happened again at the Crucifixion. Surely the Evil One thought he had won when Jesus gave up His Spirit on the cross. The Revelation sheds light on that drama.

Recently I pulled up Phil Keaggy’s True Believer Album and listened for the first time in three years. The song “The Survivor” is an eloquent marriage of Psalmist language, Crucifixion imagery, and imagined thoughts of baby in a womb facing impending destruction. The song finishes with a boisterous, chaotic passage which makes me want to shout and cry at the same time.

I haven’t talked to Phil, but there’s information out there that the song was inspired by the experience of Gianna Jessen who survived a murder attempt (abortion), although the “procedure” inflicted cerebral palsy on her instead. Here she is telling a bit about her life.

One line of Phil’s song in particular strikes at the heart of murderous schemes: “the solution they had planned”.

  • Pharaoh’s solution: Kill future Hebrew men to make them stop populating.
  • Herod’s solution: Kill all the 2-and-under boys to be sure to get that pesky future king.
  • Satan’s solution 1: Kill the Messiah before he got started.
  • Satan’s solution 2: Get Him to jump off a pinnacle.
  • Satan’s solution 3: Crucify Jesus and end the competition.
  • The Pharisees’ solution: Crucify Jesus and protect their turf.
  • Margaret Sanger’s * solution: Clean out undesirable portions of the population. 
  • Adolph Hitler’s “final” solution: Rid his nation of the inferior Jews (including children) and perfect the race.
  • Abortion supporters’ solution: Get rid of parasitic babies and enable avoiding responsibility for choices

Oh, the irony. A tenet of “pro-choice” seems to be to daily disallow over 3300 people to ever make a choice. Another tenet seems to be choice without consequences. It’s the familiar cake-and-eat-it fantasy.

Back to the song: the passions of anger mixed with triumph in thundering drums, raging guitar and Phil’s vocal cries brings me to joyful tears nearly every time. Murderous intent against the Son of God and the innocent in the womb brings a justifiable anger. In that anger there’s triumph in the fact that the plot against the Son turned out for our eternal good, and that the innocent in the womb, in this case, survived the attempted murder.

Thou Shalt Not KillChildren are a target of the Evil One because they represent newness of life. They represent the ongoing fulfilling of the Original Commission. The Book of Proverbs says, “Those who hate me (God’s wisdom) love death”. By extension, they hate God.

Listen to the lyrics. Feel the emotion build. Think on what it means to kill over 3300 babies a day. Think on the joy that resulted from the Resurrection, which has ultimately defeated death.

Has Planned Parenthood ever specifically renounced any of the motivating values and purposes of its reprobate founder, Margaret Sanger? I haven’t found any evidence. If it’s out there, please let me know.

Photos: Stock.xchng, MorgueFile

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