Giddy With Grace

Go ahead. Be giddy.

Go ahead. Be giddy.

April 15, 2013

Most of us don’t really get grace. It’s too unlike how we usually think. We usually want to gain approval or get revenge, depending on our understanding of life. A friend of mine recently posted, on her Facebook page, an article by Chuck Swindoll. He colorfully described the scandalous lavishness of grace. Even with his communication skills, it is likely he fell short of a full description.

This friend of mine has come into a personal knowledge of the grace of God in the past two or three years. This has made her beautifully childlike in her adoration of Almighty God. The wonder overwhelms her again and again. I described her recently as “giddy with grace”. She agreed.

That is an appropriate emotion for something so ridiculously, unfairly bestowed on us. God is incredibly lavish. We think we need to earn points. We think we need to withhold approval from people who do not measure up to our standards. That’s not gracious, is it?

I think the grace that a person passes out to other people indicates how much grace that person has received, or has understood they have received. Why are there so many rule-checkers? Why do some keep certain folks at a distance? Why do some keep track of wrongs? Why do some withhold approval? I think these behaviors are in proportion to the inability of the witholder to fully receive and believe the grace that’s been offered.

Go ahead, be giddy. You have received something you know you never deserved and never will, but God has showered it on you anyway. How could we not be giddy?

If you have in your heart a demand that God treat you fairly, take time to be thankful that He does not. Do you really want what you deserve? I don’t.

Photo from: Stock.exchng

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