Atheists Don’t Exist


We all worship.

We can’t help ourselves. It’s built-in. As a fish cannot not swim, so humans cannot not worship. Fish are made to swim. We are made to worship. It’s an innate quality that cannot be excised.

Made to Swim

What of the one who says there is no God? The “God-shaped hole”, as others smarter than me word-picture it, will be filled. More accurately, attempts will be made to fill it. Consciously or unconsciously, against all protestations, in spite of all denials, everyone believes, including so-called atheists. It is inescapable. Everyone’s worldview acknowledges a supreme ultimate reality and authority, and to that each will give allegiance. So, we are all worshippers. It’s unavoidable and irresistible.

What differentiates us is the difference between our g(G)ods. For most, behavior and speech indicate self-worship is the mode.

You don’t believe we are in a culture of self worship? Check the magazine racks. But self is not the only tin god people erect. Others come to mind:

  • The God of Unassailable Logic and Reason
  • The God of Scientific Proof
  • The God of Green Solutions
  • The God of Technology
  • The God of Mommy Government
  • The God of Absolute Belief in No Absolutes
  • The God of My Obscure Rock Band
  • The God(dess) Mother Earth

I never tire of the word picture Isaiah gave us. A man carves out a block of wood, cuts it in half, and forms an idol from it. The other half he burns in the fire to keep warm. What irony. His carved god is lifeless and silent. That’s how weak artificial gods are.

Why do we see such aberrations? It’s because we have an unquenchable need to worship. That need will be pursued. The atheist just chooses to worship something or someone other than Almighty God.

He is no less a worshipper.


Images via: FreeFoto, MorgueFile, & BigHappyFunHouse

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