Reserving the Right to Be Highly Offended

Can anyone plausibly deny we live in a narcissistic, juvenile culture that wears its feelings on its sleeves? How is it possible a person can state a belief in and give support to a human practice that has been the daily norm for all of human history, only have people respond like cranky 4-year-olds?

What follows is not news, but going by the cultural clamor, it may be a stunner to part of the population. So please, before I share it, brew up some nice hot chamomile tea, find a favorite chair and have a sit. Breathe deeply.

Here it comes:

  • Since the beginning of time, men and women have been getting married.
  • In every culture this is true.
  • Every person on earth got here because of a mother and a father–even you.
  • This is as mundanely normal as eating food or breathing.

(There, there. I’ll wait over here. Sip some tea ’til the palpitations ease.)

Though these things are demonstrably true, in the muddle of hyper-sensitivity that is our culture, stating your belief in and support of such a boringly normal human practice is to be called a “hater”.


I strongly support the eating of fruits and vegetables and the occasional piece of red meat. There. I said it. What mayor, getting wind of this, might get his emotions all wound up and pontificate about my hate for people who eat Twinkies for breakfast, lunch and dinner? What mayor would tell the salivating news media that my fork and spoon, and those of persons with similar persuasion, would not be welcome in his town?

In more level-headed times, people who stated their support of normal human activity and behavior might be met with a yawn. The millennia-long established practice of husband and wife becoming one and producing children is now portrayed  to be outrageous and insulting. Have some individuals, blinded by their misguided quest to be positively affirmed in whatever they do, by every person who lives and breathes, forgotten that is how they arrived?

It is totally unremarkable that men and women get married. So why all the loud remarking?

What is next on the agenda? If you are offended by expressed belief in a bedrock human activity, what about the actual wedding? What could be more public than that? The white gown, crowds of people, announcements in the paper, and photos galore all tend to make a wedding highly visible.

How offensive can you get? While audacious folks say, out loud, they believe in traditional marriage and family, the man and woman who are getting married not only believe it, they are practicing it! Talk about blatant hate!

Why are some so insecure they must have the entire population of the world, in order to prove they are not haters, extol their particular practices and proclivities? This is a two-way street. How are you not a hater if you disagree with my practice of and belief in standard marriage, with a mother and a father raising a family? Especially if you say it out loud? How is it any different?

For those enlightened mayors who evidently feel they are in the vanguard of progressive society, isn’t it time to start discouraging bridal shops from opening business in your town? (A bride’s existence, after all, implies there’s a groom somewhere. A man and a woman! How deplorable can you get?) And what about all those people who say they believe in the traditional practice of 3 meals a day? Isn’t that highly offensive to those poor minority souls who do otherwise?

For those who go all dramatic when someone affirms a standard, fundamental, universal, and historical human and societal practice, may I suggest two things:

1) Practice the tolerance you preach.

2) Act your age.

Men and women getting married isn’t a recently invented sadistic means of offending people. It’s normal life. Let’s all settle down just a bit.

Images via: PhotoXpress | Public Domain Image

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