Never Quite Content

There is something more

August 18, 2012

I have come to believe we will never be fully content in this life. There will always be a degree of yearning. That is because we live in a broken world. We were designed for another Kingdom – another land. Sin and death were not in the original covenant.

We were never meant to have the knowledge of good and evil. The whole creation groans because of bondage to decay. We know there’s something more. Yes, the necessary intent and the lifelong pursuit is to be fully satisfied in God, and to the degree we are, the less central are the yearnings. But they will never go away until we reach eternity.

There’s another aspect to this. God made us creative beings. The attribute of creativity desires to see new things. A desire for new things carries with it some element of dissatisfaction with things as they are. This drives innovation. Think of any tool imaginable. Each is a result of someone’s discontent with the current situation.

All discontent is not related directly to badness or evil. It is built-in to human nature as one of the elements of God’s creativity. It’s an aspect of His image in us.

I believe if we had remained in the sinless state in which God originally placed the race, there’d still be this desire to create and to change things as they are. In fact, part of the original covenant or commission was to take the earth which God had given – a fresh and perfect creation – and change it.

If you expect perfect contentment here, you will be disappointed. Which is a state of discontent.

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