Be Tolerant or Else

August 13, 2012

Most people practice authentic tolerance. They put up with people who disagree with them, allowing them the liberty to think how they think. They realize there are going to be disagreements and that life goes on.

Authentic tolerance means we don’t try to use the force of law or overreaching courts to coerce people into positively endorsing behavior or viewpoints with which they disagree. The false and distorted “tolerance” of our day is intolerant in the extreme.

When tolerance is demanded (as if that is something that can be demanded), it generally means this: since you don’t agree with me and my group, you absolutely have no right to say what you believe or to live publicly by your beliefs. You have to come over to our way of thinking, or you will be shamed or punished and even have things taken away from you.

“Tolerance” is another word that has been hijacked for political purposes of squelching speech and even thought.

Maybe 1984 has arrived after all.


Image via Free Digital Photos

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