On Moral Versus Economic Issues

October 1, 2011

Some Tea Party and Republican individuals have said we cannot afford the time now to deal with social issues. They say it is immediately imperative to deal with the economic illness first. Then we’ll get to the secondary (by implication) moral issues.

I think they have it backwards.

We are surely in deep economic trouble because of our disregard for the Word of the Lord. (See Deuteronomy, toward the end of the book.) We have disregarded Him for so long that there’s nothing we could anticipate other than economic disaster. Moral issues cannot be separated from economic ones.

The truth is: We cannot afford the time to deal with economic issues until we repent of our rebellion against Almighty God and return to His ways. If we do not, then what we’ve seen so far is mild compared to the losses that are coming. Further, there is no other fix for the economic nightmare spawned by people who think man is god. Can you shake your fist in the face of the Almighty and expect his rich blessing?

Those who believe our main problem is economic do not understand the times nor the Almighty with Whom we will all deal sooner or later.

6 thoughts on “On Moral Versus Economic Issues

  1. Sorry but I disagree. As a Christian myself, I feel that economic issues right now are far more important than dealing with social issues… unless of course you are considering fixing unemployment and helping solve poverty “social issues”…


    • Hello Matt,

      I like what I saw of your blog.

      I am thinking in broad terms. If we don’t fix our relationship with God and His Word, efforts to fix economics issues will be fruitless. Our economic issues are a result of disobedience. The economic issues are symptoms. We need to get at the root. That is the thrust of the thought behind my short article.

      Thank you for commenting.


      • No problem, I guess I just want to know what is meant by “disobeying God” because that can mean so many things. In what way are we disobeying God.


  2. (In this reply, “we” refers to actions of the corporate population and of the government.)

    We murder babies by the millions. We have enthroned the state as sovereign. We are progressively tossing Jesus out of one public arena after another. We print fiat money, which is fraud and deception (differing weights and measures). We are idolatrous. We are hedonistic to the extreme. We are self-willed and proud. We approve of and delight in any kind of sexual adventurism and misuse. We commend the wicked and condemn the righteous. We are greedy and covetous.

    The first one is enough. God will never bless a nation that corporately approves and encourages the murder of its own seed.


  3. Please don’t assume that we are any better or any worse than those nations who have come before us. The world has always been and done all of those things. As James 2:10 says “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.”

    Clearly the first one is enough. But by that same token, have a population that scoffs at mixing linens is just as guilty under the law.

    Having Jesus as the center of our state is wrong. I do not want Jesus to be surrounded and used by political agendas. Christ and state should never be mixed, contrary to your statement that it is bad that we “are progressively tossing Jesus out of one public arena after another.” As Christians, we should be transforming the government through our actions, not our hateful rhetoric.

    According to our Constitution, abortion is legal (per the decision of the Supreme Court, which our Constitution gives the right to interpret the law.) Do I think abortion is wrong? Yes. Do I think women should be given the choice? Well, since I will never be put in that situation as a male, I’m not sure. I cannot judge such a life-altering situation that I will never be put in like that.

    You wanna know the best way to reduce abortion? Increase public aid programs. Be pro-life before the baby is born and after.

    In addition, I hope that you are anti-capital punishment as well if you are so considered about all of the people murdered by our nation. Are you anti-death penalty, sonofjames?


    • Thanks Matt. I think I’ll do another post rather than a lengthy reply to your concerns. This could get to be a long string.


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